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has anyone here tried the Panasonic G6? Have been using the Sony RX100 for the last year and it's cool but I realized I prefer the form factor of a mini-SLR to take pics when traveling. In other daily situations, as nn mentioned, the iphone will do

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these are some of the better photos i took during my intro to b&w film photography last semester. some cool shots i think.

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Predator Lagoon
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Originally Posted by sikeee View Post

Predator Lagoon

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Few my a recent trip to Portland

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Sony Nex users:

I'm looking to get a new lens as a step up from the kit 16-50mm lens. I was looking at the pancake lenses (either 16mm or 20mm) but reviews say that they're really only useful as a compact lens that allows you to put the camera in your pocket and that the image quality is not the best. If I need a camera in my pocket I have an Iphone5 that is just fine most of the time.

Now I'm considering the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens. It's cheap, it's got a useful focal length for the shots I like to take, and the reviews are pretty good for it.

Are there other lenses I should consider? I mostly shoot while walking around the city (I live in Detroit so I shoot a lot of decay and wild dog packs), but I'll do snapshots (camping, fishing, hunting, parties, vacations) too. I can't say I shoot things that require a specific focal length, but I learned to shoot with my dad's 35mm camera with a 35mm lens, so that's kinda how I continue to get the shots I like most. When using the kit lens I usually keep it at 16mm. I've rarely used the zoom.

I don't want to spend too much money on a lens if I can help it.
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I have the Sigma 30, and it is just as sharp as they say it is. I have heard good things about the 19, as well, but I never made the jump as I have the 16. The 16mm is definitely not worth the money, mine came with the NEX-3 along with the 18-55.

Sell the 16-50, get the Sigma 19, and pick up a 50 of some sort. I have a Pentax PK-mount 50 f/2 that I have used for a good while, and I just picked up a Canon FD-mount 50 f/1.4, The Pentax was ~$35 (~$45 with the adapter) and the Canon was ~$60 (~$70 with the adapter). Your kit may be less flexible, but in the end I think that you will become a better photographer. Manual focus is super-easy with focus peaking on the NEX models, and the wider maximum aperture will give you more control over your images. Also, you should come out ahead after selling the 16-50.
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i like my sony 35mm 1.8
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Help me out here.
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just trying say same in "twinsies" type manner
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Uh, la recette s'il te plaît. drool.gif
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Humbly requesting the recipe :worship2::worship2::worship2:

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I need to find inspiration to take more pictures again. I want to do more film, really want a hasselblad.or a Widelux!!!
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