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Someone talk me out of buying a widelux
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I've been goin places doin thangs, montana and alaska are next

lava tube

petrified wood

moonlight on the grand canyon

hiking out of the grand canyon at night

joshua tree
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^ Very nice. Especially like the first one.
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Camping in places like Central Australia and Namibia, so far away from any sizable cities, the stars I could see were were incredible. Not having a camera powerful enough to capture the view sucked, and I hope to fix that before I travel to southeast Asia in the spring. The only issue is I know very little about cameras!


For my first camera purchase in like 7 years - are the higher end P&S capable of nicely photographing stars? I've briefly read about ones like the S110 and RX100 (obviously considerably more expensive, though), any others I should consider?

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Mind-blowing. What is the Prada store doing? I have seen similar pictures but never figured out what the deal with the Prada store here is. 

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It's "art"
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Some pictures:

If you like, visit my portfolio: http://www.photography-fs.com
It's a very new site so if you like it, I would be thankful if you could share it smile.gif
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great stuff, nice site layout
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That first picture is gorgeous.

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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Yeah skate photography is definitely its own art, and when it's good it's so good. I don't have enough friends who skate anymore to really get into it. What do you use for the fisheye shots?

I only lurk skateperception and lust after some of the stuff in their classifieds.

Pentax KX with the pentax da 10-17
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beach time with polarizer and uv filters on the color skopar 35/2.5

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Originally Posted by filcol View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Oslo and Malmø, I can see Turning Torso from my apartment in Copenhagen.
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Some shots from my weekend:

Question Mark Caterpillar

Eastern Fence Lizard

Fish Scales

All shots taken with a Sony NEX-6.
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