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For Sale:
MA+ Derbies sz.42 (fits ~43) CHEAPish

Will Ship To: Anywhere

okokokokokokok these are some MA+ Derbies, calf, size 42. Got these from a guy on sufu and while they don't quite fit it still kills me to sell them. I'm a 42.5 and even with thick wool socks my feet still slid around. best for a 43. A 42.5 could swing it with insoles––I would but I keep reaching for my boots.


Disclaimer time: These are a little beat, hence the low price. Vibram on the heel is getting kind of low (vibram on the rest of the sole looks ok) and the leather is a little scuffed in places, though I'm pretty sure the intention behind these, MA+ being one of those artisanal thingies, is for them to get thrashed. While the price reflects the wear I'd still say these have tons of life in them and are the kind of shoe that will last you a very long time with proper care.


Disclaimer no.2! These were once a pair of buckled derbies. The previous owner, who I guess wanted a different look, had the buckles professionally removed and laces put in. The cobbler did a great job and the only evidence of his/her work are two small holes on either side of each shoe. If you let your pants stack the holes are hidden and even if you don't they are practically invisible––I often forgot they were even there.


But anyway the price reflects the wear and alterations these shoes have seen. Still, MA+ retails in the high $1000s and never goes on sale. Given the quality of the construction these are a total steal. Have tons of life left and will look even more beautiful with some more wear.


Paypal with gift or 4%. I ship free worldwide. Feel free to PM with questions. Thanks for looking!