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youre obviously flogging your crap here (and in other threads) and its becoming annoying. i didnt say anything at first because I chalked it up to someone with curious taste. but i can only look at those awful shoes so many times before my feelings of dislike and annoyance turn to antipathy. be gone you shoe pimp
If you're talking about nycxandy's post, what's so bad about them? The designs look nice to me. I was just about to post to ask what other people think.
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Hi, Sharing my project here. Happy to say it got funded after 7 hours :)  Never could have imagined since I know my audience is more particular and less broad.


Anyhow, even though it's funded I could definitely use more backers. The fashion industry for an indie non-mainstream) designer like me is very narrow. I can definitely come up with very unique yet sensible designs but without sufficient audience, it's just too difficult even for a small business. I included photos for the girls items in case there's something you might want to get as a gift?  (is this allowed?)


Thank you for letting me share here. Please kindly help me share if possible.


thx, angela


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Hi !


We've discovered SF a few months ago and it’s a wonderful community to better understand your experiences and opinions about sustainable fashion accessories.


I am Clément, the founder of KOPPO, a French sustainable fashion brand that aims to manufacture high quality products with a timeless design, that both respect the planet and traditional craftsmanship.


I launched KOPPO because of a simple analysis :


Why should we accept that manufacturing is gone to Asia ?

Why should we embrace the era of disposability ?


For three years, aside of my job for a Swiss watchmaker, I thought about these questions and I worked hard to build a solution: KOPPO. Our first products collection will be timepieces, handmade by French and Swiss artisans.


What KOPPO's timepieces are about :


- Timeless design, in collaboration with Swiss based designers

- Dial :  uniquely made out of wood using marquetry techniques. Made in France by an exceptional artisan.

- Straps : vegetable-tanned leather straps handmade in France

- Swiss quartz movement

- Assembled by a French watchmaker

- Warranty : 10 years


Here are some pictures of our watches collections:







The veneers used are : Smoked Spruce, Oak, Ash, Larch and Maple.


Our kickstarter has just launched and we've already been funded. Here's the link :​


We’d love to hear your feedback ! Don’t hesitate to ask question, it will be a pleasure to exchange with you.


Thank you !




PS : KOPPO means small piece of material in French.

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