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We were born in Plaza Midwood, a historic neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. This is where pioneers come to tame their ideas. A place where you can find turn of the century architecture, small businesses, and eager entrepreneurs. We are a community of different cultures with one goal in mind, to make a mark in history. It is a perfect home for a band of designers to innovate something timeless and true. 
Our bags are designed in minimalist style and you in mind. Whether you are a traveler, student or professional, these bags will sustain the hustle and bustle of daily stresses on the trail and the office. Constructed out of duck canvas and full 3/16" thick vegetable tanned leather, the durability of these bags is outstanding. We are confident our bags will withstand the day-to-day grind your busy lifestyle demands, all the while staying current to the latest fashion trends.

Our mission is to mix practicality with soul. Our series of bags and essentials are a product of many long days and late nights these past 18 months. We have experimented and tweaked techniques to bring you the best product possible. This is the end result, everything we believe in and love. It's not just a bag, it's our vision come to life - this is Savage. 


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Hi SF,


I have been developing two unique textiles that I plan on kickstarting products out of in the next year.  Both are derived from byproducts of the fishing industry, and I am going to domestically produce all aspects in the USA.


My inspiration is seeing the extra challenges and costs that come with managing fisheries sustainably here in Alaska - in comparison to those not managed to protect against overfishing, use habitat damaging fishing methods, and are not making an effort to minimize pollution.


I wanted to come up with a way to use the byproducts (as much as 50% of certain seafood species), to add value to those managed sustainably, and through branding bring awareness to the issues our ocean faces. 




One of the textiles is salmon leather - Which I plan on manufacturing wallets, belts, etc out of.  I have been testing different ways of tanning wild salmon leather, and have a formula that yields a product as strong or stronger than cow leather for the thickness (it is thinner).  


The other is a textile similar to cotton in feel and durability, it is a blend of Chitosan and *secret*.  Chitosan is a fiber in crab and shrimp shells, that has many unique qualities, such as easy on the skin, and does not absorb odor. 


My marketing angles are made in USA and eco-friendly - since I am upcycling byproducts from 3rd party certified sustainable fisheries.  I do not have prototypes yet, I have just finished perfecting the two textiles. 




I am curious for salmon leather, would a wallet or belt be more interesting to the SF crowd?  

I know that it would depend on the style of each, but assuming you like the wallet and the belt, which would you be more likely to order? 


For chitosan blend apparel, would you be more interested in boxer briefs, socks, or a T-shirt/undershirt?  

The reason I am leaning towards these is it does not absorb odor... 


To anyone who answers, thank you so much! Just getting these textiles ready for production as been a process!  My background is not at all in marketing, and I am really appreciative of any feedback.  

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Halo Styleforum members:

Socks are your daily essentials. They should be the simplest items everyone utilizes to complete a decent look. Our vision is to create a specialty sock label that offers an extensive range of designs with a bit of individuality, creativity and variety.

At OBSEXXION, we sell concepts and cuttings; we combine couture and street-wear elements; we put strong attention to details; we use skilled craftwork to bring an innovative approach to socks.

We have designed two sock lines for this Kickstarter campaign and each line is unique in its own way:


These playful socks have a leather guitar pick holder hand-stitched on them. They are inspired by the guitar heroes we’ve been listening to all the time. "Guitar Hero" are the perfect accessories for music fans and those who are not afraid to stand out a little.


Every guy should have at least a few pairs of socks that he can count on for different occasions. The “Daily Essential” is here to fill your sock drawer with a killer collection.

Please Support Us Via Kickstarter. Find us on the link as below:
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