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I work in the hair industry, as my username suggests, and it's pretty common to have salons stick to mostly black dress codes. My salon doesn't enforce it, but I had decided a few years ago to enforce it on myself, as it makes me feel like I'm wearing the hairdresser uniform, and puts me in the right state of mind to do my best work.

Now, I'm not fashionable by any means. I buy my work clothes from express, typically, and I'm not trying to show off to my clients how stylish I am- necessarily. Of course I want them to be inspired by the way I carry myself, my appearance is part of what I sell in my profession, but admittedly being new to being deliberate in my appearance at work, typically a sort of dress pants and a tie, I find myself running out of ways to feel creative.

I do have a sort of punk rock aesthetic, and I try to blend it into my salon wear. Think Dennis Lyxzen meets Matt Skiba, with an occasional splash of Nick Cave (when I hve a big day at work) and you'll imagine what I often aim for.

But I want to see outfits you guys have put together without the use of color. For inspiration. I'm open to suggestions. I'm open to constructive criticism.

This is what I wore yesterday

What've you got in black, white, and grey?