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Looking for feedback on fit for an illustration

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Hey guys,
i'm working on an app that creates combinations of patterns and colors between suit/tie/shirt that according to design principles always work (how humans interpret the final design is always a bit hard to predict right). I finished all the technical stuff, and now I'm painting the final assets I intend to use. Since it is very easy for me to create paint-vision wich causes me to loose track of the general proportions over time, I was wondering if any of you could give me a fit check. A pair of fresh eyes always tends to help getting things right :)

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Lapels look skinny and wimpy. Arms are like Popeye arms.
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Lapels look skinny and wimpy. Arms are like Popeye arms.


Do you have a suggestion for a good average size of the lapels?

Ha, the arms! My usual work is drawing barbarians, space marines and all that kind of stuff. So I suppose that kinda seeped into this.

I expected much worse! Or that might still come

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Lapels should reach a little less than half of the distance to the shoulder. Also, you want the points of the shirt collar to rest underneath the jacket lapel.
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Left hip pocket is also low.
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Just use this darker suit on the right as a guide:
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The lapels look a bit too thin (about 50% larger), and the arms and neck are GROSSLY over-sized compared to the torso.

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Lapels hideously thin, sleeves too short in relation to arms and they look like those of a gorilla, coat looks far too long and pockets too low as a result. Elegant it is not.

Why not give up, not your forte and of minimal sale value?
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As a fellow illustrator/graphic designer, i will say to take the advice in this forum, while making sure you don't alienate your target demo for this app. Is that an app for i-gents, or for contemporary/fashionable young men?

That said, the illustration looks good. From my interest in sartorial things, i have incorporated some of that into my own illustrations. Specifically, that while wrinkling and compound shapes add character to illustrations, a good looking suit is best drawing with great flow and drape. Good luck with your app... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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OP needs to get Foof'd
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unbelragazzo: Thank you for your reply! And the references as well, they are helping a lot.

GBR: what kind of ridiculous suggestion is that? I deliver hundreds of different designs a year, and with a lot of designs I do not know all the in-outs of the topic, that is when art-directors step in and they suggest changes. For this project I lack a knowledgable art-director, so I ask a community to guide the design to completion. I really do not see the need for such a demeaning comment.


JubeiSpiegel: Thanks!


jrd617: I hope that is a somewhat positive thing?

Man of Lint: I'm not getting it :p

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Forgot to add some text to the image. I have been taking the advice, and doing some quick changes, my apologies for the sketchy feeling of it. But I want to be sure it is right before I start finishing it. I'm a bit in dubio about the length. Using drawing principles I should assume that the character is 8-9 heads tall in comparison to the normal human length of 7 heads. Wich mean that the torso is about 1/2 to 1 head longer then on a real person. The lack of an actual head is making it feel elongated and a bit silly though. So I took the image and made it work for 7 heads, but it kinda feels too small. 

Any suggestions are more then welcome

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Since it is taking ages for the comments to be approved, I already fixed alot of the mistakes. And I think I'm almost there, how does this feel?

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Looks pretty clean. The details are arguably preferences at this point, but they will be argued non the less smile.gif

How many suit style templates are you planning to make? Also, how will the color matching be determined?
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