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eh, see if anything in here helps...

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At least according to Wikipedia, average male height for Americans age 20 or older is 5'9" 1/2. In Hong Kong, it's 5'7" 1/2 for those 18 or older...

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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

eh, see if anything in here helps...


Awesome, thanks Master-Classter. I'll take a deeper look through shortly (no pun intended).
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Love the idea.  I can't seem to log into the site.  Is there a member acceptance process?

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Hi jtothat,

We're currently beta testing to a limit number of users, but expect that the site will "go live" to everyone at the end of December. PM me your email address, and I'll add you to our list.

Thanks for the interest!
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Let's be honest. Anything under 6' is practically being a woman.
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Originally Posted by VinnyMac View Post

Guys round up (or lie about) their height in the same way that women lie about their weight/clothing size. It's a touchy subject for guys who are 5'8" or less. It stings like the "does size matter" discussion. For that reason, I'd predict that the name "shortwear" is going to cause some problems....lol

I don't see what else the OP could call it... though it seems like it's more related to 'short limbs' rather than actual height. I know a couple guys for example that are fairly tall but still stocky. I agree with your other point btw, not to derail the the thread but I think the sting is much more profound on our end since womens' insecurities aren't immutable like height or dong size, they can just diet if they want to solve it. Small tits for example are easily forgiven if she's cute or skinny, but a guy that's 5'2'' is pretty screwed.
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There is a desperate need for competition in this market niche. 

I live in Los Angeles and the only place, and it is glorious, is Jimmy Au's in Beverly Hills, but the prices reflect both the quality and the address.  


I cannot pay $250 for slacks, and $995 for a suit.  I have found that Ralph Lauren suits in 38 short need nothing more than the slacks hemmed.  I just found one in Navy at Marshall's for $144, quite a steal. 


I just ordered 2 polos from For the Fit, and they are wonderful.  The colors are elegant, clear, the craftsmanship is excellent as is the detail work.  One problem: the length. They are size medium-short, and if I keep the polo shirts I will still have to have them shortened by 2-3 inches, so what's the point of ordering from a specialty store?  


I have tried every search engine, and the same 3 or 4 suppliers come up. If I had the expertise in marketing and manufacturing I would start a company, but now I have found your posts, so I'm replying with my input, hoping your business will happen because the choices out there are dismal.


I was shocked at the awful styles a couple of the "short" shops offer.  Nothing I would consider wearing, right out of the ugly 1980s, and expensive sweaters from one company were offered in 2 shades of beige/grey. 


Let's talk color.  The best 2 places for everything, in my opinion, are For the fit and Peter Manning.  However, both combined give me a choice of maybe 8 colors at best. In SoCal we do wear color, and much of our dressing is year-round, so although I am fond of black, grey, and navy, they are not great colors for polo shirts, and a burgundy v-neck pullover or peacock blue would be nice.  No such luck with what I can find online. 


So, please include me in your mailing you are sure to do when you get your company running. 


Best of luck, there IS a market and it is not being as well-served as it could be. 


Robert York

Long Beach (L.A)  CA

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Some Japanese Companies may be what you are looking for.  as you could just stock their stuff, no need to order custom. :teach: 


Can't tell you how many item's i've found with T-Rex arms.   really, you'd just need pants hemming most of the time.

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