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Luigi Bianchi Suits, any input?

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Hello all!   I did a quick search on this suit and couldn't find much!  I went to my local clothier and he had me try on several suits and the one that fit me best seemed to be one made by Luigi Bianchi.  I did a quick google search and came up with several suits named Luigi Bianchi Mantova.  


#1:  Are there several different fits from LB or is this the only one?  Would like to buy online as they were over 50% less than at the store.


#2:  Is this a decent brand?  Any thoughts on this?


#3:  I am a pretty athletic build 5'9" 170 lbs with a 42" chest.   I am open to other suits but am having a hard time finding one that fits in the shoulder region.  



Thank you all for your input!



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A local store here recently started carrying them - I believe they are half-canvassed, although I could be wrong on that. Good quality fabrics, good bang for your buck, but brands like Samuelsohn and Canali are better quality at a slightly higher price.
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Thanks for the reply!  Do Samuelsohn and Canali have a fit that would work for me?  Unfortunately there is no one in the area that carries these suits so I would have to buy online if available sight unseen.  

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If you are hard to fit - I would not recommend buying a suit sight unseen - especially if you are new to this. If you find a LB suit that fits really well and is at a price you can afford, I would say go for it - they seem much better than your typical Hugo Boss suits.

You mention being very athletic - is the problem having a very large chest and a very small waist? The difference between the chest and waist size of a suit is call the "drop" - your average joe is a "drop 6" - which means if he wears a size 42" jacket, he will need size 36 trousers to go with it. Some really built athletic people find that if it fits in the shoulders it is way too baggy in the waist and trousers - so they need a bigger drop ("drop 8".)

Some brands like Z Zegna make drop 8 suits - their prices are around the same as Luigi Bianchi, but the construction quality is a little lower. Again, if you find one that fits perfectly, it is probably still worth it.
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Thanks for the thoughts!  I am a touch hard to fit but I did find this LB at the store and it fit me well.  I didn't see that LB made different fits so I was wondering if I bought the LB online if it would be the same?  I looked on there website and didn't see different fit options.  Any thoughts on that one?  

Thanks again!  

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