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ULTRAGEEKS -The Unoficial Thread (ultra-endurance sports)

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 Rather than derail the running thread over and over, here's a new place to discuss all things pertaining to Ultra-Endurance Sports, whether it be running, swimming, cycling, or all three...



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I signed up for Ultraman Florida in February 2014. I may also do a lete season Western States qualifier (it's tough to plan these around my triathlon and bike race schedule, so we'll see.

Are you looking to go longer?

Good question. I could have finished a 100K, but 100M would have been a whole different strategy and not sure I'd make that without quite a bit more training. I would consider doing another 50M or 100K in the future. I have a tough 50K coming up in July. Temp and course are tough. Another 50K in the fall. Will see if any ultras line up with eithe of those to use as a training run.

Some ultra discussion would be interesting but probably need another thread for it. I learned quite a bit in my last two and could stand to learn and share some more.


 I've also been struggling with this same issue... I signed up for a 100k race last May, but had to drop out due to an overuse injury from training too much. Finding the balance between doing enough and overdoing it is quite a challenge.


 That's partly why I'm taking it fairly easy at the moment. The only running race I've signed up for yet this year is the Golden Gate Relay (a 12-person relay covering 192 miles (I ran a total of 17.6 miles during the race last year)). I'm also planning to do a half Ironman in August, and possibly a marathon in December. There's an outside chance that I will sign up for another 50 miler late in the season, but finding a Western States qualifier that works with my cycling schedule is a challenge.


 Ultraman Florida is the end goal of the current training cycle. It's in February, so almost a year away. My aim is to go considerably faster there than in previous goes at that distance.

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Like the thread.
The 50 I trained for was pretty easy with training. Many plans out there and most were relatively the same. Lots of 20-25 mile runs, a 50K, and a few 25-30 training runs to practice eating, what foods worked, run / walk pacing, clothes, and shoes. Things went very well and finished with a time and effort I was happy with.
Things I didn't realize or plan for were after the race. Took an ice bath, ate, drank, went to bed. Good case of edema in right foot a day or two after and lasted for 3-4 days. Just about got now.
Read alot about compression gear after, icing feet, joints, etc. Elevation of legs after the event. Quite a few things I missed that I'll catch next time.
I'd be interested to know what others have had success with for recovery efforts after the race. I plan to walk, stretch, light elliptical work, for close to 7-10 days and then slowly get back into running longer.
I know each person is different in terms of age, body, years running, etc., but what has worked for any of you to have a successful recovery after an ultra event?
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Compression gear during the race and rest, ice, compression and elevation after the race. Kick your feet up and ice them for a couple of days. I always get the swelling bad. After UMWC last year, my feet hurt horribly for a week. The flight home from Kona didn't help!
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Used ice and elevation for a couple days. Pain and most of the swelling in my right foot is now gone. Went for a short run today and will ice and elevate today to make sure I didn't aggrevate it today.

Couple of good links for advice / topics on ultra's.
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