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With that "sport coat," mid-brown pants would look best. Kind of a strange ensemble to wear to a wedding, but since you're forgoing wearing a suit, I assume all bets are off.
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First, thanks everyone for the replies.


Here's a little more background. 


My sister and her fiancee live in Brooklyn, but the wedding itself is in Manhattan, in the evening. I had asked her early on how formal it was going to be (thinking it could be quite formal, maybe even black tie). She said it wouldn't be formal. He's an NYPD detective, and she's a social worker, and it's a small wedding so most of the attendees will be from similar backgrounds. This isn't Wall Street types, in other words. I had asked her whether a sport coat and dress pants would be fine, and she said it would be. I don't have any part in the wedding itself (my daughter is the flower girl). 


That's the background, now back to the clothes. I've recently lost some weight, so I'm rebuilding a dress wardrobe essentially from scratch. I have a couple of sport coats, and a pair of dark gray pants, and that's about it (at least for more formal clothes, plenty of jeans, khakis, etc). So I went into this knowing I'd have to buy some clothes. I've bought a pair of AE Park Avenue's, as I didn't have any good black dress shoes anymore. The only other pair of nice shoes I have are these:


I picked up the blazer on eBay. It's Brooks Brothers (from their 346 line). I figured it would be dressy enough, seems I may have been wrong :). My intention was to pair it with a navy grenadine tie. The pants that I do have are too close in color to this jacket. I'm not a fashion expert, but I know enough to know that. So I was looking at lighter or darker. Either mid gray or charcoal.



Last bit of info: I work from home, and so I don't need a lot in the way of dressier clothes. I do want to have some basics so that on the occasions where I have to travel on business or what have you, that I'm well equipped. By basics, I mean some sport coats, some dress pants, and some nice shirts and a few sweaters. I'd like a nice suit at some point in time as well, but in light of everything else that seems to be a lower priority. That said, if the consensus is that I'm going to look like a schlub in anything less than a suit,  I'll consider it. 


Thanks again for all your help

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