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Inexpensive wool pants for the bicycle commuter?

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I'm hoping some of you can suggest some good "value" wool dress slacks. Are LLBean's year-round any good? Other similarly priced suggestions?

I commute by bicycle every day regardless of weather here in Portland. For the last year and a half I've been wearing Outlier OGs. While they're the best of the technical fabric options out there (and the only ones I've found that aren't cut to look like jeans) they still have that synthetic "look" to them. And after a year+ they start looking somewhat haggard. I'd just buy new pairs, but the $240 price is quite high, and you can't consistently buy my size (much less get the navy or grey colors I favor).

So I'm looking for other options, ideally wool, hard wearing (or cheaply replaceable), and readily available.

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As a rider and commuter, I would not wear wool dress pants on a bike if I had to look good when I arrived at the office (especially in Portland weather). Get all-weather bike pants (or full riding suit) and change when you get to the office.
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Thanks, but my commute is only 3.5 miles. I've been commuting in all weather in my dress shirt/tie/jacket or sweater/outlier pants combo for the past two winters and still looking presentable upon arrival. I don't think the outliers are inherently magical (though obviously I can still wear them on really bad weather days).

But if the biking thing is a mental roadblock, forget I mentioned it. What are people's favorite wool trousers for, say, under $100.
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Banana Republic: $60 with the ubiquitous 40%off coupons.
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I sometimes bike to work wearing wool dress pants, about 5 km. Changing at work is not really an option because there's nowhere really private. Completely flat environment, not doing anything athletic, so not getting sweaty or anything. I don't have any proper cycling waterproofs, like leggings. So if the weather is foul, I take a taxi instead. But it's pretty dry here most of the time.
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Charles Tyrwhitt makes nice beater pants.
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Land End. Their tailored fit pants are good beaters, and stuff is always on sale there.
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Lands' End is a good option, but Traditional Fit probably would be better than Tailored, if the case involves typical cyclists' legs, for friction fast would wreck pants. Washable wool might be ideal (because laundering should be soon after cycling), but it's hard to find.
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