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Originally Posted by MartiniGirl View Post

It would be rather dumb of me to get upset over what a random stranger on the computer has to tell me. Besides, I'm here to learn more than I already know. I hope everyone on here doesn't treat me any differently just cause I have a V. laugh.gif

If by "V" you mean the shape of your lapels - there is a small minority which prefer a high gorge.

And who are your calling a random stranger?
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Sadly, no. He does look over at my computer when shoes are pictured. Or when his favorite designers are featured. 


@ Bertie: That's amusing. We haven't conversed before. Now that we're having a (somewhat) conversation, I retract my "random stranger" comment.

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This is probably the best resource on dressing well for dudes. If you want to learn about either classic men's clothing or street wear , you likely won't find a more informed community.

The CM forum can be a bit stuffy and rule oriented but has valuable insights into tailored clothing. The SW&D forum is authentic and honest and fun.

And hello.
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Mods - double
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I mainly post in the CM section. My hubs doesn't do streetwear. No idea why. He knows what he likes, haha. I rather enjoy this community and everyone's insights. The amount of knowledge is amazing too! It's a very welcoming forum.


And hello to you too, Bertie! 

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I did not think I was SW&D (i am 50) but if you want denim or any kind of leather jackets -that is the place to learn. Your hubby may appreciate a ToJ leather jacket for example.

Guys always appreciate an alternative point of view though so please participate where you can. nod[1].gif
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My first suit purchase consist of a charcoal chalkstripe SB 3pc and mid grey DB
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I'm amazed by the attention anyone who proclaims to be female gets on these boards. You dudes need to get out moar. Seriously.
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Originally Posted by NORE View Post

I'm amazed by the attention anyone who proclaims to be female gets on these boards. You dudes need to get out moar. Seriously.


I agree with this one. I've seen females working in a men's consignment store and they don't get nearly as much attention as females on here. I may be a female, but my personality is tomboy-ish. Treat me like any other person! lol8[1].gif

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When I refreshed my wardrobe my first suit was a charcoal pinstripe. I've since added two solids a navy and a light gray. The navy gets by far the most use.
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Assuming a stripe is a good choice at all (for body type and circumstances), then probably the most important details are for the stripe to be a low-key color on either a gray or navy background, in a standard wool.
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