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$265 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
FS: Momotaro Copper Label G017-MB.

Will Ship To: Continental US

Only worn twice. Fit pics can be found here:




31" waist, 9.5" rise, 10.75" thigh, 8.1" knee, 35" inseam, 7.3" leg opening


They won't stretch much, maybe half an inch in the waist max, so keep that in mind. They also come pre-soaked (using sea water from the Okayama coast, how exotic!), but it was done by the people at Momotaro not me so there's nothing to worry about.



Price includes shipping and is absolutely firm; if I can't get it I'd be more than happy to wear them myself, I could just use the money more right now. I only go through paypal.