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How would an unlined calf suede glove feel? Wouldn't the inner lining be smooth leather and thus kind of clammy and rubbery?

I've only ever worn gloves with the suede nap on the inside, so I'm having trouble imagining the reverse being comfortable.

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I wear Size 8.5 in Merola gloves lined in cashmere, I was thinking of getting a pair of unlined gloves and was wondering if I needed to size down to make up for the fact that they are not lined. I know usually this would not be the case, but Merola can be unpredictable. So hopefully, if someone has insight into this I would really appreciate it.

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^Anyone know? Your help is much appreciated? Would hate to go through the return process.
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If your question is in regard to Madova in particular I would not size down, the difference between 8.5 lined and 8 unlined is too drastic. I have both in 8.5. I also have a new pair in unlined calf 8.5 to sell if you are interested.

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visited madova yesterday. they will no longer be selling peccary gloves anymore, and have only one pair left in size 8.5

plenty of carpincho in brown and black
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Just an update. I was in Florence this week and made a point to get some new gloves (my last visit was 6 or so years ago and I could use a new pair).

I can confirm that, unfortunately, neither Madova nor Martelli offer real peccary any more, only carpincho. Martelli may have it in your size if you ask repeatedly "no, the other peccary," but they indicated they don't stock it any more. They had none in my size (8.5). Pusateri, however, did have peccary, and a very good selection.

Two things to note: first, these are handmade goods and as a result, size variation is significant, so try several pairs for the best fit. Second, while as noted in the original post, hand stitching is thicker thread and may be less durable than machine stitching, it has the advantage of being repairable if the stitching opens. Thus, the gloves should last longer if well-cared for.

So, Pusateri it is. I picked up a lovely brown pair of unlined peccary, but I also bucked the absurd "consensus" and opted for a second pair of brown peccary with cashmere lining. Yes, peccary is fantastic unlined, but it is also just fantastic generally, and I need a pair of lined gloves for cold winter days. Why not get the good stuff for those days too?
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