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... harry rosen house label "royal shirt" line the size is listed as "XL" ie not a neck/sleeve size, it is not a fused collar [although that is a personal preference not a quality issue, and buttons.. are ... sorry i do not know 100% the diference b/w motehr of pearl and 'plastic' [ignorance of youth] thank you in advance
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Have you asked anyone at Harry Rosen directly about this? I have found the employees at the stores I deal with quite helpful and knowledgeable. You could also visit their website,, and "Contact Harry" with an email request for the answer. Classic
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I think it's a factory in Toronto called "Royal Custom Shirt" or something like that. I was told by one of their staffs that they are making dress shirts for Rosen, and they don't accept orders from the public. Keep in mind that are only a handful of shirt makers in the GTA. 95% of all tailors in the area would outsource to one of these shirt makers.
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Thank you for the responses, but I think the GTA option is ruled out as it says "Ëśmade in Italy' on the tag. Currently I am writing an email to Rosen CS department, thank you for the idea and I will keep everyone posted in case anyone is interested. On a lightly different note, does anyone from the GTA know of any reasonable priced custom shirt makers in the area? If yes, could you please post a contact number/URL? Thank you in advance.
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A Google search turned up this Could be fun checking them all out.
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Let us know what you find out from Rosen. What is your definition of reasonable? There are places in the GTA that will order a "custom" shirt for around $85.00 per, while others, such as Rosen will often exceed $150.00 per with minimum orders, and with better fabrics costing much more. IMO, it comes down to what you expect for your value/dollar equation. Classic
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Classic, which tailor could you get it for $85 and how's the quality? That's the labour and the material, right? Edit: Actually I'm hoping they could accept my own fabrics. Got some nice microfibers from the Queen W. fabri district.
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FCS, I was not referring to a specific tailor, but was thinking of firms that visit businesses and take the measurements/orders there. In essence, "factory" orders with some personal touches. Classic
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