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Bloomingdale's suit suggestion

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I was recently given $2,000 in Bloomingdale's gift cards to buy some more business attire (mainly 1-2 new suits), and could use some guidance on their suiting offerings. 


As some background I work in the finance industry and, my current wardrobe includes:

  • Blue Herringbone (Brooks Brothers 1818 Collection)
  • Dark Blue Pinstripe (Brooks Brothers Brookscool)
  • Dark Grey (random DKNY suit from Macy's)
  • Black Pinstripe (from Men's Warehouse)


Ideally, I'd add one more grey suit (maybe pinstripe?) and solid blue suit. My firm doesn't seem to be too critical of the cut, but definitely no flashy colors.


At the Bloomingdale's near my work they have RLBL, Canali, Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Z-Zenga suits. After some research it seems like many on this forum have a low opinion of Hugo Boss, leaving the other four options. Of what's left, would you suggest spending the extra money and getting one of the fully canvassed RLBL suits (I didn't include Canali as my boss almost exclusively wears those, and would give me a "wtf" look if we wore the same brand), or, assuming a 20-40% sale, getting two of the Burberry suits? 


Any thoughts or other options would be really helpful!

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Having owned each of those labels, save the RLBL, I can say of the rest that Canali is heads and shoulders better than the Burberry, Z Zegna, or Boss suits. It wouldn't faze me in the least to buy a brand my boss owns. There's enough variety out there.. Heck for 2000 you could special order a suit in a nonstandard fabric to differentiate you from anything he might buy off the rack. Personally, they fit me pretty well right off the racks with small adjustments to sleeves cuffs and waist, and have a nice slim fit look. I've turned into a Canali junkie from a price/fit/quality standpoint.
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