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Weekend bag for under $200?

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Anyone have any suggestions for a nice weekender for under $200?


For that matter, do you guys know of any that have an internal frame and a "doctor's bag"-style opening? Similar to this one from Duluth Trading:


And yes, right now this one is my favorite choice, but I wanted to see what else was out there, especially if there were any that were less expensive (or that came in a color other than khaki).


I was previously considering the Everlane Weekender (mainly because the navy + gray one matches my messenger bag), but damn, those leather straps look really cheap. Have they improved them since the first run?


Amazon has this Tommy Bahama bag that I really like the look of, and I like the bottom compartment (which I think could accommodate a folded jacket), but not only is it made of nylon and of a color I don't particularly like, its highlights (and handle!) are fake leather, which just makes me shy away. But I do like the compartment design.

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This is what I have. Their ebay store sells them for $200

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