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Socks for the small footed

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Having become excited after looking at Alexander Kabbaz's new Pantherella offerings, I disappointedly noticed that most of the socks fit a range of shoe size starting with 9. Most socks I've had experience with also give a range, most starting with size 8 but nothing ever any lower. In the past, I've worn socks that were too large (I'm a size 7) --hiking them a little higher on the calf and having the part of the sock where the heel goes ending up slightly above the heel folded up in the back of the shoe. I've shrugged it off since it, after all, is a piece of clothing that remains for the most part hidden. However, since we all seem to be so fanatical when it comes to fit, I'm curious as to what some of the smaller-footed members of the forum do when it comes to socks? Are there such things as bespoke sock services like there are for gloves and neckties or am I crazy even suggesting the idea?
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I'm an 8.5 so I do not have as much of a problem as you, but once I move to China I plan to setup a bespoke sock shop.
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We have the Pantherella dress socks (cotton & wool plains) in size small. Most of our size small clients use the women's sock section. The socks are the same except that they are slightly narrower and size to fit 6 to 9.

Here's a couple of examples:

Merino OTC

Fall Stripes

Summer Argyles
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I wear an 8.5 and have similar problems. Even socks that are labelled as being for as small as a size 8 rarely fit the way I would like. It seems like socks should be pretty cheap to make, I don't know why they don't offer them in more sizes.
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