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If you want to "stand out" but still dress appropriately for the occasion, try finding a slim-fit double-breasted tuxedo. I dig this look!


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Tux worked out for this kid:

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Double breasted tuxedo can be a great look. Assuming he's renting, however, the fit is likely to be terrible and DB's really need to fit well to look good. I'd avoid the double breasted tuxedo for prom for that reason. If you're buying a tuxedo in the future, definitely consider it.
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I'm also prepping for prom at the moment and thanks to a few well placed friends managed to get my own tuxedo at a reasonable price. The problem arises that my date is insisting I match her however and I'm rather keen to stick to the classics. If your date is similarly insistent as was the impression I got from your opening post may I recommend another blogger's suggestion and buying a carnation or other boutonniere in the colour of your dates dress. It takes some confidence to wear but is subtle enough to not look overtly chosen, an alternative is the pocket square (but only if your dates dress is dark). 
P.S. Partly for my own vanity but also to illustrate that a man looks his best in a tuxedo this is me in mine from a recent theatre production I was in. 
P.P.S. The individual beside me is not my date I will add. *

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