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All About LVC


While most of what Levi’s produces might be… less than stellar (at least in StyleForum’s eyes), Levi’s Vintage Collection, or LVC, is Levi’s vintage inspired workwear line. Using old patterns from their archives, Levi’s faithfully reproduces a range of items from the 1800s up until today. It’s pretty cool.




People on StyleForum really, really love Aldens. The Alden thread is one of the most-viewed threads on the entire forum. And who can blame them? Aldens are awesome. 


Deals of the Day


R by 45 RPM Floral Shirt, 2 


Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan NST, 8.5D


B&S Finds


Marc Jacobs x Vans, 8 


Valentino Slim Fit Tuxedo, 48