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Problem with Lee Baron Suit

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Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone else had this problem with any bespoke suit. I had a fully canvassed suit made by Lee Baron in HK almost 1 year ago (4/2012). I've only worn the suit a couple times and have had no issues. However, over this past weekend, I was getting ready to wear it again when i noticed a lot of hair and lint on the jacket. I started using a lint roller, and I noticed that this "hair" that I saw was difficult to remove from the jacket. When pulling on it, I was able to pull up to 4-5cm of thread before it fully came out. After calling Peter Lee, he is convinced it is the silk lining of my suit, which happens because the lining thread is very fine. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Seems pretty shoddy work on the part of Lee Baron. He offered to fix and change the lining to a darker color since it is thicker and wouldn't have these problems. I can easily pull them out, but its annoying, and it seems like it will keep recurring.
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It happens to my very old baron stuff as well. My is a mohair blazer.
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Are you sure it's not the horse hair canvas?
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the worse part is the sleeves.
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thats what I thought at first. Peter Lee assured me that it couldn't be because the canvas is a lot thicker. And yeah, I agree, the sleeves are the worst for some reason. Using a lint roller seems to exacerbate the problem. I"ll try to take a picture of it .
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