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URGENT HELP - Am looking to buy an OMEGA Seamaster - but which size/model?

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I know there are a lot of watch/Omega related threads already and I have read quite a few which have been very helpful and interesting. So I apologise in advance for starting another - but I need a little specific advise and would be grateful for your thoughts.

Firstly - a few background facts. I already own a a pre-owned Omega (gold bracelet) DeVeille watch which I have had a for few years. Very nice, understated and goes well with my gold wedding band and signet ring (on the other hand).
But I have long wanted to buy (treat myself) to a brand new Seamaster. However I like to earn my treats and felt it would be good if I had an occasion which would make it less than just an aimless treat. To explain, last year I gave myself am Aston Martin as a treat for completing 2 law degrees and qualifying as a lawyer (barrister) and setting up my own consultancy successfully working into its 2nd year at the time.

I also purchased my wife an Omega (ladies version of a Seamaster look-alike) as a gift for having our first baby. At that time i tried on a few Seamasters for size - but left undecided on size in the main. Since doing a little more reading (here and elsewhere) I am still unsure about he size and now the specific model.

1. Re: Size

I have always been a little less than enthusiastic about overtly large size watches - as they are often associated with rich footballers and newly rich people with little taste/class - but more importantly they can be a bot too big on my wrist and also I wear suits 5 days a week so, discreet and understated elegance is my preferred position. Anyway, the circa 36mm seemed like a good size - but should I overlook aforementioned reasons and go with the more well known larger size - if so which?circa 41mm seems to be the other option.

2. Re: Model
I just wanted a black face silver bracelet Seamaster - not caring too much if it had the multiple little dials or not. A little further reading I have now learnt a bit more about the models it seems the one I am liking more is the Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer Gents Watch (Professional) -
circa 36-37mm
circa 41mm

But whilst reading I learn about a model known as 2254.50 -
- what is so good about this model?
- how does it differ to the model I have taken a liking to?
- what is the model number of the one I like and how is it properly referred to?

The main reason is that I plan to make my purchase next weekend and would be guided by any of your advise.

I am most keen on the smaller (or medium as it is often called) size but don't want to make an uneducated purchase.
it is also a justified treat as a personal business target will have been reached by next week and I wanted to treat myself to the long awaited watch.

Thanks in advance.
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2254 is the older model with an older movement, the new one is 2220. There are slight aesthetic differences, but for the most part are basically the same. It's a good watch, probably the most famous Omega watch due to its Bond relation. If you are looking for a smaller Seamaster, check out the Aqua Terras. A bit more understated, but still solid.
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2254.50 only way to go
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Ok, not many people were particularly forthcoming with any tips - but I kept looking into this.

I have come to the following 2 final options -

1. The Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer Gents Watch 17330820 Priced £2,770.00

Its the watch the initially caught my eye and I REALLY like the design plus it is a nice medium size (36.25mm).

However, then I learnt about...

2. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Gents Watch 17330830 £3,950.00

Its allegedly the 007 watch (not a big deal, but still) also it apparently has more kudos as a result of being a 'Planet Ocean' model. It is a nice 37mm size - which is good.

So -

a.Look wise - they are close - BTH I must admit the first watch just looks better for me.

b. The other factor of 330m v 600m does not really matter as I dont even go swimming these days let alone deep sea diving!

c. The price is almost £1000 - but these are special purchases and I expect this to be a £k is not a big deal on that point.

At the moment - I am leaning towards the second one - just so I don't look back an think I should have gone for it. If only it looked as 'black' as the first one.confused.gif
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Ok, went for it and after a long discussion with the sales rep - got the Planet Ocean 37mm in black face with silver bracelet. Very heavy compared to my DeVille every day watch of past 7-8 years but like it
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Originally Posted by Flashman View Post it is.

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Thanks. Wore it today all day - first day. Will take a little getting used to the weight.
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They make a mens planet ocean with the 37 mm face? The only one I can seem to find online is the womens...
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...there you go.
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nice watch - i was going to suggest the Planet Ocean with the Aston Martin grille-inspired face (since you own the car) but you already pulled the trigger
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