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I made it through with no additional spending, was quite a bit easier than I thought possible.

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Made it through unscathed
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We need more updates here. I am compiling the results list at midnight (California time) tonight. Anyone who doesn't ring in by then will be deemed lost and presumed to have failed the challenge.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Goat....what did you buy exactly and how much spent?

Spent about 300€, sold guitar for 350€. Bought 3 hugo boss polo, could have done without but I'm very tall and the length is good on them. Got 3 TH casual button down shirts, been searching ages for these in the right slim fit.

Those are my sins.
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Originally Posted by Da GOAT View Post

Spent about 300€, sold guitar for 350€. Bought 3 hugo boss polo, could have done without but I'm very tall and the length is good on them. Got 3 TH casual button down shirts, been searching ages for these in the right slim fit. Those are my sins.

I appreciate your honesty but, Holy Freaking Muttonchops GOAT, You did WHAT?
You were inches away from the finish line and you weakened?!
There's going to be punishment for this, only I am going to have to toss you in with any other last minute fails and come up with a general and final punishment which will be posted later tonight.
You stay tuned to this thread!
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The worst thing is that he could've held off for a day, purchased them, and still qualified for May (as there is a small grace period for those who participated in April)

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3 hours left to ring in....where is everyone!
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Nothing new to report here. I really appreciated this thread and am looking forward to doing it again this month. Thanks to Man of Lint for running things and for the encouragement.
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30 days ago, these people publicly took a vow to go without feeding their clothing addictions...

  • Man Of Lint (Sarge, Gunny)
  • Digmenow (Priv. Einstein, Priv. Footsome)
  • Claghorn (Priv. Orwell)
  • Da GOAT (Priv. Muttonchop)
  • flirtkakat (Priv. Marbles)
  • Hacking jacket (Priv. Jacket)
  • Gwarg (Priv. Riddles)
  • Caustic Man (Priv. Draino)
  • bearsfan172 (Priv. Panda)
  • ChetBakerSings (Priv. Pez)
  • DandyStatsProf (Priv. Dandy Lion)
  • david3558 (Priv. Mothball)
  • matty long legs (Priv. Spider)
  • PMac (Priv. Chowder)
  • Mr Martini (Priv. Bubba Gump)
  • elite123 (Priv. Poupon)
  • domenickb (Priv. Giblets)
  • FidelCashflow (Priv. Hairball)

Late Sign-Ups - No Emergency Fund
  • Stevent (Priv. Marmalade)
  • Ianiceman (Priv. Mohair)
  • suaviter (Priv. Fiddler)

Now....Let's see how everyone made out.....

SUCCESSFUL Candidates Of NPC - Congratulations! (Click to show)

  • Man Of Lint (Sarge, Gunny)
  • Claghorn (Priv. Orwell)
  • Caustic Man (Priv. Draino)
  • flirtkakat (Priv. Marbles)
  • Ianiceman (Priv. Mohair)
  • DandyStatsProf (Priv. Dandy Lion)
  • elite123 (Priv. Poupon)

I'm proud of you boys! You get bragging rights. Well done.

Jelly Donut Award (People who failed to stay purchase free during NPC) (Click to show)

  • matty long legs (Priv. Spider)
  • Digmenow (Priv. Einstein, Priv. Footsome)
  • FidelCashflow (Priv. Hairball)
  • PMac (Priv. Chowder)
  • ChetBakerSings (Priv. Pez)
  • domenickb (Priv. Giblets)
  • Da GOAT (Priv. Muttonchop)

Private Pile Award - Most items purchased during NPC (Click to show)

  • Digmenow (Priv. Einstein, Priv. Footsome)

MISSING IN ACTION - Didn't report in at the end and presumed to have failed challenge (Click to show)

[*] Hacking jacket (Priv. Jacket)
[*] Gwarg (Priv. Riddles)
[*] bearsfan172 (Priv. Panda)
[*] david3558 (Priv. Mothball)
[*] domenickb (Priv. Giblets)
[*] FidelCashflow (Priv. Hairball)
[*] Stevent (Priv. Marmalade)
[*] suaviter (Priv. Fiddler)

To those of you who failed to ring in with a final report (M.I.A.'s) and / or those who are non-SF member lurkers who failed this challenge,
there will be one last punishment for you. GOAT..this applies to you as well.

FINAL PUNISHMENT (Click to show)

Part A
You will NOT enjoy any purchases made during NPC for 2 full weeks.

Part B
You people will dress like Security guards for 4 business days in a row.

Here is your uniform:
1 dark blue jacket (substitutes- black or dark grey)
1 white shirt (plain blue shirt as an alternate)
1 medium grey pair of pants (or navy pants if wearing a dark grey jacket)
1 pair of plain black or navy socks
1 plain black belt
1 pair of black shoes
1 burgundy tie

If you have duplicate shirts, etc, you may rotate.
If you can't rotate, tough. You wear the same thing anyway.
You may also change your underwear.
If you do not rotate your underwear, make sure the nicotine and apple juice stains line up with the stiching as you go.

I want to pay a special thanks to the following:
  • each and every one of you for taking this challenge
  • those of you who manned up and took punishment like marines. You are all good sports to do it.
  • the late Stanley Kubrick for the 'Full Metal Jacket' motif
  • R. Lee Ermy, who's likeness and persona were vital to the entertainment value of this thread
  • Warner Brothers for usage of their intellectual property under 'fair usage' provision
  • Styleforum

In closing, I wish to present to all of you, this commemerative poster, documenting your participation in the 2013 April NPC.
Each of your names appear in the poster. Again, thank you all for participating.

To those of you who made it through, Congratulations!
Apply these skills of discipline to your future purchases.

If you enjoyed the presentation of this thread, whether you played or only lurked, give it a Thumbs Up.
I will not run the NPC until October 2013 so if anyone else wants to give it a try, feel free to jump in.
The MAY 2013 NPC Edition, run by Claghorn, is here (Click to show) Get signed up a.s.a.p.

That is all. At ease.
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I was unable to get back to SF for a couple of days and missed the wrap party but thanks for the donut Serg'nt! I made it safely through the weekend without yielding to temptation.

Something I'd like to share with the unit, though.

Yesterday, I went into the local Savers just to see if my BB flat front slim cords were still hanging where I had last spotted them during the NPC and indeed, both pair are still there but at $7.99, I have learned the value of patience through the April '13 NPC and I will allow them to hang there until Tuesday, next, where I will buy them on 20% off day! If they are gone by then, well, the sun will still come up tomorrow.

While perusing the shirt rack, I came across an exquisite Ermenegildo Zegna hidden button collar LS blue/brown check sport shirt in size medium for only $7.99. I tried it on and the shoulders were about a half inch too big, there was more play in the trunk than I like and lastly, it was designed to be worn outside of the pants and was thus, a bit long on me. Prior to this April, I would have bought it anyway on account of how nice it was and probably never worn it but thanks to NPC, I hung it back on the rack and used my $$ for other needs.

Thanks, MoL. This was a good month for me. I needed the reboot.
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Dunno how to do a thumbs up but have to commend you for this MoL. Can't believe how much time you put in to keeping us on the straight and narrow but great work Gunny. See you in October.
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