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Still on track. No purchases. It's easier when you stay out of the stores.
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Other than the items that I had tailored things are going well.  I still need to complete my punishment for spending, but have not had the opportunity between work and the fact that our house was listed last Monday and we have a had a parade of interested parties coming through.  It looks like that should not be an issue much longer though as we have received three offers with two more coming in today.  Hopefully we go into contract today or tomorrow and I can return to my home uninterrupted.

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I completely forgot I had a shirt order outstanding, which of course is finally ready and I have a balance to pay. If it was closer to the end of the month, I would likely hold out, but I hate leaving my tailor with balance outstanding for 2 weeks.
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I say fall on your sword and pay it. It is a noble exit from NPC.

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domenickb, I don't recollect you signing up in the first place. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Alright fellas - half way there. Stay off ebay and like Diggsy says, away from the shops. Two more weeks to go. There's nothing that you need so desperately that you can't wait two more weeks.
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Agreed. 2 weeks should be easy now....but I am not holding my breath. There are too many members here that have not sounded off since this started, and that makes me suspicious....they're up to something.
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I'm less sure about my resolve. The first half of the month was quite busy for me with several projects and my tax prep work that I had to perform leading up to the 15th. Now that those time constraints are gone, I need other distractions to keep my mind off that pair of full strap penny loafers and the double monks that I just KNOW are lurking on the shelves today but won't be there come the 1st but so far, I'm drawing a blank.

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All is well. Been tempted, off-season sales for winter apparel and all. Coat purchase in May no doubt.

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So far so good, was about to buy a new jacket but decided i could wash and wear my old columbia from middle school. Its a size to small but with the inner fleece removed it should work for this last week and a half.

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I resisted the temptations of jrd's tie purge.

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Now entering weekend 3. Behave yourselves. Get out in this beautiful warm spring weather and if it isn't spring where you are, think spring thoughts.
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Resisted all temptations this week.

Regarding my penance for earlier: I've set aside the goods to donate to Goodwill.
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Cross post from the thrift thread...
Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

Even though, as I mentioned previously, I am in the April 2013 No Purchase Club I stopped over at the new Savers during lunch today to see if they had turned their stock over and to search for a tie for the young teenaged son of one of my department managers. Seems he attends a private school in which ties are required but apparently can be of any style, pattern or color. The lad has already professed hatred for his Dad's entire collection of ties but I've seen how his Dad dresses so he may well be correct.

Anyhow, I was looking through the skimpy tie rack and came across this slender Ben Sherman for him. Chinese made but, hey...they invented silk, right? I'm telling her that if the kid hates it, she has to give it back to me!

Then it was bucket list time. The No Purchase Club went out the window on this one. Since it was an "unknown brand, it was only $2.99 instead of the upscale price like the Ben Sherman.

As I picked up the Marinella, one of the Savers staff looked at the tie (she couldn't see the brand) and then looked at what I was wearing (standard dress code work wear, JAB black shirt, Gap khaki dual vent sport coat and dark brown D2 dockers) and asked me...

"So, what brands of ties are popular?"

I was tempted to say, "Oh, Stafford, Nautica, Bert Pulitzer, etc..." but she seemed so sincere that I told her all about
Brioni, Kiton, Barbera, Drakes, and so on... (Click to show)
Instead, I just smiled and said that the ties that I liked probably were not the popular selling ties that people were looking for and eased away to go check out the men's underwear rack.

I went on to locate 2 pairs of flat front Brooks Brothers (346) cords in medium and dark brown in my size but the 4/13 NPC was gnawing at my conscience so I hung them back up and I'm gambling that they will be there on the 1st of May.

Also, I found a pair of sleek, chisel toe, side zip, brown GR by Gordon Rush Chinese made (Not Italian ffffuuuu.gif ) ankle boots that fit wonderfully and were priced under $10. Glued on soles and I couldn't find enough info about them on short notice so I passed. I wish now that I hadn't as they would look quite good under any of the several pairs of slim fitting Levis that I have collected.

Oh well. Maybe next month.
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Uh oh.

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