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Dish soap. Oxy Clean. Stains gone.
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if it's a white shirt - an honest scrub with regular detergent followed by a soak in bleach that can be diluted works every time. 

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Originally Posted by VMan View Post

Here's what I do, it works like a charm. It has been effective on many types of stains, including sweat stains that have been present for several years. 1. Soak the shirt for an hour or two in a solution made from one gallon of hot water (as hot as it will come out of the faucet) and one cup of vinegar. This just helps to loosen the stain before washing. 2. Purchase a small tub of Oxy Clean (get the granules, not the liquid) from the store. Mix a strong solution of this using four to six ounces of hot water and one scoop of Oxy Clean. The solution should be like a watery paste. 3. Rinse the vinegar from the shirt. Generously apply the Oxy Clean solution from step two to the yellowed areas of the shirt. Place the shirt in a plastic pail and let sit overnight. 4. Remove shirt from bucket. Mix a solution of 1 gallon hot water and one and a half scoops of Oxy Clean. Allow shirt to soak in this solution for up to 12 hours. 5. Remove shirt from solution and briefly rinse. Wash shirt using regular detergent, and rinse. Voila. I've done this on many shirts with almost complete success. A few shirts with really bad stains may take two tries - usually the first treatment removes about 90% of the stain, leaving a really faint yellow mark behind. The second time usually removes this.

I bought two cotton shirts with light coloured patterns from a thrift store though there was a small amount of yellowing on the collar and armpits of one - and quite a bit of yellowing on the other. I first tried leaving on a paste of bicarbonate of soda overnight then giving them a long warm wash with added borax. This might have faded the stains but certainly there was one obvious yellow collar left on the shirt that had the worse staining. So I then tried the above method. It totally worked after one attempt. The yellowing is totally gone - the fabric is nice and white but the patterns remain. I used a paste of sodium percarbonate - actually the Woolworths (Australia) home brand/(very cheap) version of 'Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Powder' which I expect is similar to 'Oxy Clean'. Thanks for the great tip (an oldie but a goodie!)

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