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Green Card Cases

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Long time lurker, first time poster here. I was hoping for a little help with regards to card cases.


I'm looking for a green card case in the emerald/jade family without an ID window. Pocket in the middle and pocket(s) on both sides. Haven't been able to find much in the colour I'm looking for. Coach has one that's like green (and ugly in my opinion), and Chester Mox has one in what looks like an olive green (which is a little too dark for my liking).


Any leads, folks? Your help will definitely be appreciated.

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No. Welcome to the forum.
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Originally Posted by liquidrevolver View Post

Long time lurker

Long enough? foo.gif
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Let me understand, are you looking for a card
case for your GreenCard in the event that the
police stop you in Arizona?
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Suitsupply comes to mind but I don't think it has a window.

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Valextra or just do an online search on Barneys.

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Have you considered Hermes?
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Originally Posted by Apollotrader View Post

Valextra or just do an online search on Barneys.

+1 Valextra

i bought a Valextra green case for my nook a few months ago.

so  i thank it's a higher probability from where you can find green card case.


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I know I'm starting to sound like an advertisement, but I'd reach out to Valextra's main Milan boutique. I was simply floored by the level of customer service, plus it was great having access to styles not available in the States (where only Barney's sells Valextra).

To look at styles, I'd try both the Italian and Japanese sites, since there is little overlap between them and the Japanese site is much more extensive. Feel free to PM me and I can give you the name/email of the person I dealt with.

Barney's has this:


Though I'm not wild about gusseted pockets unless you can actually fill them

Now consider these (none available on Barney's website):

I recently bought this in a black pebble grain leather and it's beautiful:


I used to carry this in navy, before deciding to go with a fold-over case:


This is similar to the first one, but the exterior dimensions are different and, in my opinion, not ideal for front pocket use:


This is a wallet, not a card case, but has the same external dimensions as the one above and also shows you one of the darker greens (called Valextra Green, I think) available:


I know I've seen that flat card case in Valextra Green but not sure about the folding ones. I know that the first one I showed you, the simple four-pocket fold-over in sea green, isn't available in Valextra Green since I asked. However they'll take special orders and I think it takes a month or two. Like I said, PM me for details.
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And, just so I don't seem overly biased towards Valextra (even though I am), these are others I've seen:

Quality not as good as Valextra in terms of leather suppleness/craftsmanship, but seems durable (have had Epi before) and there isn't tons of "craftsmanship" on this size case anyways:


Perhaps this is available sans-logo (though maybe you like that/don't care about it):


And finally, if you're price-sensitive, and don't mind something a bit flashy (or just want something to tide you over until you find what you really want) this might work:

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Only one slot though.
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I really like the Valextra but it looks like they don't ship to the U.S. and Barneys' selection, at least in NYC, is fairly limited. Any 'mericans have a workaround?
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Originally Posted by agjiffy View Post

I really like the Valextra but it looks like they don't ship to the U.S. and Barneys' selection, at least in NYC, is fairly limited. Any 'mericans have a workaround?

Check your PM
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Originally Posted by TimelesStyle View Post

Check your PM
Thank you!!
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And of course one more:


I know nothing about them, but was perusing the site for a business card case and noticed it. Seems close to what OP is seeking.
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