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At my wedding (last August), I wore a JAB Gold Signature peak lapel dinner jacket, with grosgrain lapels. Yeah, I  know that it will only stand-up to a few wears; but, it had all the correct attributes (no vents, besom pockets, single button) and it fit very well.  Paired with white Thurston (sp?) braces, a marcella shirt, and grosgrain bow (self-tie), I felt very much at ease.  If I wear it more than once a year, I'll be very surprised.

I'm no fan of JAB by any means, but I was of the understanding that their signature gold line is actually not that bad and is a step above the more basic stuff that gets most of the contempt around these parts. Besides, if it fit you well, you felt good wearing it and the pictures looked good, that's what matters. If you're wearing the thing once a year at most, you're probably fine in this for all practical purposes.