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For me, I love the Mod look for two main reasons. First - there's a framework that can help you put together oufits that can take you from the beach to the board room with the confidence that you'll look appropriate and smart (and cool!). Second, if modern menswear began around a hundred years ago, since then there have been experiments with single and double breasted, one, two, three and four buttons, wide and narrow lapels and hems, two piece and three piece etc but the whole set of permutations reached its absolute zenith IMO in the period around 1958 to 1965. This includes, not by accident, Cary Grant in NXNW, Connery's first few outings as Bond, and Michael Caine in Alfie. A couple of years later came the Thomas Crown Affair (1968) and the Italian Job (1969).
And besides all this, at six feet one tall the hard three button slim cut jacket is the best for me when done right!
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Agree with you. Mods basically tried to immitate part of that look. Immitate and part. Some of them with more success than others.

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Originally Posted by comrade View Post

Here's an example of the British Mod Look from there early 60s:


Most of the photos above are a hodgepodge of prominent personalities
form the 60s through the 80s who hardly conform to the Mod aesthetic
or demographic. eg. Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, Sean Connery
etc. The Mod Look describes one of the rival British Youth Subcultures of the 60s which
affected a clean-cut look vs the Rockers who did not:


Agree with you. Mods basically tried to immitate part of that look. "Immitate" and "part". Some of them with more success than others.


Indeed, Mods had two basic influences: 60´s italian sartoria and certain Hollywood stars (Mcqueen, Cain...; specially, Mcqueen - i.e he made popular for mods the chukkas, the harringtons, the turtlenecks...). There are many interesting sites in the net regarding the mod style and its influences: you can hear there from the original 60´s mods what were they looking at.

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If you want 2800 minutes of early to mid sixties awesomeness on film in 47 hour long movies get the Edgar Wallace anthology from Amazon UK (about $100) or US possibly.

The series was made from about 1960-65 in black and white but the sound and picture quality is excellent, as are the clothes and being transported back to that era is very pleasant.

In it are people before they became stars such as Michael Caine and Avengers duo Diana Rigg and Patrick Magee
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This is a long dormant thread but I just caught a few episodes of Car 54 Where Are You (1961-1963) on the Decades channel and I can hardly believe what a sharp dresser Fred Gwynne was.  

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