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Early 1960's Fashion Thread

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I've fallen in love with the mod look recently. For now I'm only requesting photos for inspiration but with time, I hope I'll be able to contribute myself.

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Here's a couple to get us started

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I hope this thread goes on forever.

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Me too.
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Whose that little old man?

(he's very clean, you know)














Alright, done my part.

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Also, I just can't explain the amount of Modness in this video:

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The pinnacle of menswear, as far as I'm concerned. Can't leave out Steed.







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This thread should have gone on a lot longer. As the OP said, the 1960s were the pinnacle of fashion, only IMO of course - clean, slim, sleek, simple and uncluttered lines.

And before you tell me to start it up again myself I have to confess I have forgotten how to put up pics. Can someone please help?

Good starting point would be google search of Connery's Bond, Patrick McGoohan's Secret Agent (Dangerman in the UK and Aus), The Saint, Avengers etc.

Anything from Bullitt, The Graduate, Funeral in Berlin, Ipcress File or other Michael Caine 60s movies also would work.

I'm trying to kick start a revival of the 60s which doesn't involve the current trend of 1" wide lapels and ties and suits several sizes too small.

Thw 60s suits were slim but well proportioned - lapels were slimmer than the current Italian trend of course - but not as extreme as they are now, and the look was distinguished more by a smaller and slighly lower gorge.

Flat front and cuffless pants add to it all, with plain black or brown captoes or even desert-type boots like maybe Alden suede chukkas - McGoohan wore these a lot with suits in the show.

Anyone care to take this further? Getting a bit sick of ever widening lapels and notches sitting on top of the shoulders.
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Technically, Bullitt wasn't early 60's (1968) but since you asked ...

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You're right of course but still a stellar example of the style.
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Here's an example of the British Mod Look from there early 60s:

Most of the photos above are a hodgepodge of prominent personalities
form the 60s through the 80s who hardly conform to the Mod aesthetic
or demographic. eg. Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, Sean Connery
etc. The Mod Look describes one of the rival British Youth Subcultures of the 60s which
affected a clean-cut look vs the Rockers who did not:
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The recent and superb film Gangster Number 1 in inspired on the 60s, got super suits.

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