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Doyle and Mueser

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I happened to be walking along Christopher Street today and happened upon this store. Apparently they're a bespoke tailor, and I inquired about having a waistcoat made for a dinner suit, which I've been looking for. They said $550, $150 for braces. They insisted it was straight bespoke; anyone have any experiences?

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The definition of Bespoke is quite broad. You should ask yourself what do you expect out of a bespoke suit and how does the tailoring house define what a bespoke suit is. If they match your criteria and you like the product then go for it.

If anyone is interested, the Oxford dictionary definition and how I personally define the term Bespoke is here:
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From their tumblr, their garments does look well made. However, I will be wary when they never post the pictures when the suit is worn. I doubt their cutting skills is on par with the top tier tailors worldwide.
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