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Tiny studs, big button holes

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I have a nice vintage formal set of black MOP cufflinks, studs, and waistcoat studs.  The studs, however, are rather small and leave quite a bit of buttonhole exposed.  Contrast the stud to the button:









Is this a problem?  

If so, are there affordable RTW shirts with smaller holes designed exclusively for studs that anyone would recommend?


I am committed to wearing the formal set, so allow me to preempt recommendations that exclude it.  


The shirt is a BB that otherwise fits well.  My only other complaint is that the French cuffs are rather substantial and don't really move at the end of my sleeve (which is nice as I'm always showing the perfect amount of cuff but unfortunate as I never show more--and the cufflinks never see the light of the ballroom).



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Its not the size of the stud....wink.gif
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I would say that the difference is sufficiently marginal that it can be ignored. Indeed, looking at my own vintage dress shirt and the various odd studs I have (also vintage), the proportions of stud to buttonhole look rather similar. My only caveat would be the obvious one that the studs must be large enough in relation to the buttonholes to secure that your shirt front stays closed in wear. I'm sure that this has occurred to you and been tested, however!
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