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Haiku Battle - Page 12

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saw that one coming
but for next time, tell your mom
trannies are no fun!
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i see, disgusting
agusto, diddy, and fok
raw three way action
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Watch me dominate
Diddy, cheap, and Augusto
Make them taste teh ghey
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Wow, but this thread turned
Creepy really really quick
Palpable tension
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this eternal fight we break up just to make up violent foreplay
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Gods! This is madness!
I depart for days, and stylemaster's
verse falls to page 2!
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Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

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Haikus not simple.
Like fresh snowfall, purity
reveals every flaw!
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Woot! It is Friday
Time to go home and relax
I want to make plans.

Meh, I'm bored.

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new bottle of gin and a bottle of vermouth to mix in stomach
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