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Pants for muscular thighs and skinny calves

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I was just curious if anyone out there had recommendations or methods for men with large thighs and somewhat skinnier calves.

Most dress pants (and pants in general except jeans) look ridiculous, since the lower leg looks skinny but thighs look larger.

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Calf raises

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Or skip the exercise and get a pair of these.

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Z Cavaricci is what you need.............they represent the utmost of Italian qulity and style!
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Get MTM trousers. Keep in mind, trouser legs need to give you enough material in the thighs so you don't split them when you sit. The legs should taper slightly from the thickest thigh area to your ankles. Too much taper with throw the proportion off. No one can see how skinny your calves are under the fabric.
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They probably aren't strangely disproportionate. You're just a typical guy who thinks that his thighs are more muscular than they really are. Some pants just have a more full cut than others. IMO, those look bad on most people (regardless of calf size). A lot of brands have a more tapered line though. Chances are that some of your favorite brands do. Just search for descriptions like "tapered," "tailored fit" etc.

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I have the same problem. As a former ball player -- I have large thighs and butt. Therefore, I have all of my dress pants custom made.
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OK, so I guess I didn't explain myself well. Some posters seem to think I want the tapered look. I do not. I'm looking for the minimum tapered look. It looks ridiculous to taper pants if your thighs are large. Anyway, my calves are not small, but just look small in tapered pants. Seems like all pants are more tapered then ever due to the skinny jean FAD. So my goal is to find pants with minimum taper.

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The best method is to bespeak a couple of trousers.
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Just get a straight cut leg in a larger waist size than you need, get waist taken in by decent alterations tailor...or use a belt...
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