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Entry-level tennis racket recommendation

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I'm going to start playing tennis in the mornings, so I'm looking for a recommendation on an entry-level tennis racket. Nothing expensive, ideally just something I can buy from Amazon and use for a few half-hour sessions every week.
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I guess you are looking for some pre-strung rec racquet which would be hard to "recommend" as most regular players probably never really used that before.  When I started out in high school I just got a cheap Wilson at costco.  I would just go to costco, target or something.


Or go to a tennis store website and they usually have recommendations on beginner racquets but most might not have strings.

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You can't go wrong with a Wilson racquet.  I still play with a 20 year old Kramer as a second racquet. You might consider picking  up a used recent model on Ebay, but do yourself a favor and go to a pro shop and have it strung properly - it makes all the difference

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I picked up a new racquet today - it's a Head Youtek IG Speed Elite. It lists at nearly $200 but I got it for $50 because I went to a local tennis shop and it was one of the ones that had been used in their demo program where they let people try different racquets before they buy. However, they hadn't even taken the plastic wrap off the grip and it looks like it is brand new.

If you have a tennis shop that offers trial racquets in your area I would go and see if you can buy the testers. Yes, I could have paid $50 for a brand new racquet somewhere else, but then I would have had a $50 racquet. Instead I have a $200 racquet.
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Tennis rackets suck now. They are all so goddam stiff you can hardly swing at the ball. I use a coach occasionally and he say's its to cater to the elderly crowd, apparently they buy a lot of rackets or something.

Anyway, get something that's not hyper stiff as they tend to be hard to learn with and boring to play with. The only time these stiff ass racquets serve a purpose is when you serve.

The guy I coach with uses a Babolat and rates them highly, maybe the Drive Z 118 or something. Look at their stiffness ratings to key you in.

I use a Head myself.
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