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When are Brown Ties Okay?

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When is it okay to wear a (virtually solid medium- or dark) brown tie? Let's assume suit-and-tie (or odd jacket with tie) makes sense for the dress code. Let's also assume (a bit broadly) that brown tie is not 'proper' for interviews, weddings, funerals, and evening wear. How about with a conservative suit, such as double-breasted, three-piece, or navy pinstripe? To an appointment with a new client or an important business meeting? Thoughts are welcome.
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They can work in a variety of situations. Put the tie on, and judge for yourself.

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I often wear a brown knit tie to church with a grey/brown wool suit. I dont wear it with much else, but I wouldn't mind wearing it with a navy or grey suit/jacket with brown leathers.
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I wear brown ties with my navy suits all the time. I think the colors look amazing together. (i can't think of a time when it wouldn't be ok for business use, unless you are thing to a formal event) I wouldn't wear it to an interview though.

For the record i have two solid navy suits, a flannel navy pinstripe three piece, and a solid navy flannel suit. Brown ties and green are my favorite to wear with my navy suits.
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I like brown ties with navy or grey suits. Just make sure your brown shoes are close in color.

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I agree that they work well with navy and gray suits. I don't know that I would really care if they matched the shoes, but I think you would have to be wearing brown shoes and not black.


As for whether or not they are appropriate for work situations, I see no issue with it, but it could depend on your locale and formality of your work environment. I have a brown Macclesfield print and a brown grenadine that I wear with suits to work all the time.

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Upon further reflection, it seems that solid brown knit ties are more versatile than solid brown woven ties. Because when knit is okay, almost any color is.
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I own one brown tie (wool) and it is my favourite tie in all the world : )
They are for more versatile than one may suspect.
Actually I just posted a waywt here in which I'm wearing it.
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Besides blue, brown is my favorite color of tie. I've 2 brown cashmeres, a brown cotton, a brown knitted silk, a brown wool/cotton blend, a brown grenadine, and two brown silks. They get paired with navy or blue jackets and light blue or patterned (often dominated by blue) shirts.

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^same here, I wear brown ties all the time. Mostly neats, not solids, although I have a solid grenadine that comes in handy plenty often.
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Originally Posted by scotchman View Post

I like brown ties with navy or grey suits. Just make sure your brown shoes are close in color.

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I have about 5 brown ties (twill, wool, knit, madder) and wear them with mostly with navy/mid-grey suits as well as blue blazers. Here's a pic where I wore one with a three piece charcoal suit:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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V. nice Mr. G.
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brown ties are for:

1) spring planting of the crops
2) autumn harvest.
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