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Ascot Chang NYC

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I'm going to be visiting NYC soon, and was wondering what the price range was for AC as well as the minimum order (I remember reading it was 3). Also, is the work done by their NYC location as good as the HK location?
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IIRC, they are at least $300 a piece. If in NYC, try Geneva Custom Shirts.
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They have fabrics that start as low as 150, but the good stuff really begins at 200, so I would say 175-200.

I think minimum is four, but you'll want to double check.

All their shirts are made in Hong Kong.
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I was just in Ascot Chang last week, albeit in Beverly Hills. Shirts in their basic-level books start at around 200, Thomas Mason silver line is about 300, and are worth the upgrade, IMO. Thick mother-of-pearl buttons are an additional $20.

Yes, all their shirts are made overseas.
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Still kicking myself for all the times I walked by the ascot Chang outlet at Woodbury before it closed.
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