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Shoulder width tolerance in soft shouldered jackets

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Hey guys did a quick search on this and read through some threads and picked up a few tips but still had some questions.


I am shopping online for some light summery cotton or linen blazers and have come across a few with what seems like very disproportionately narrow shoulders. I read some discussion of it having more to do with shoulder slope than actual width but I have always shot for exactly my point to point shoulder width measurement and my one suit jacket that is .5 too wide is noticeable so to me (I rarely wear it because of this).


The thing is though is some of the really nice jackets I am coming across are varying from .25 inches too narrow in the shoulder to 1.5 inches to narrow are some soft shoulders cut in a way that the shoulder and sleeve allow you to exceed the actual seam to seam shoulder width of the jacket? I am in Canada so any returned online order will probably cost $50 so I don't want to be too wreckless about ordering something that is way too small. The other measurements of the jackets in question seem like they would fit perfectly other than a few that may need to be shortened an inch or two (which I don't consider a big deal).

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On the jackets I own the shoulder width varies about 0.5 inches and even with supposedly equal measurements, the different cuts of the jacket, different padding etc can make a big difference to how the shoulders look. For example I have two jackets that measure 18" shoulder seam to seam but when worn one of them has shoulders that appear just a tad wide, probably because it doesn't follow how my shoulders slope as well as the other jacket.

So if it's about half inch narrower than what you consider perfect, that would probably work out just fine. Wider, not so much.
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Thank you, that bit of variance gives me a little bit of room as opposed to looking for an exact round number (17 for me).

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I agree with the other poster. The cut and the padding make a big difference. When it comes to my things, I have a pretty keen eye for detail, and like you, when the shoulders are slightly off (even by .25" on one shoulder) on my jacket, it's unsettling. Sometimes, it's better to use the eye test than you stick to a specific measurement.

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