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Summer hats/headgear?

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Not a fan of the sun and getting darker/burnt in summer but not a fan of baseball caps...what are classic hats to go with dress shirts pants and some brown shoe style fits? Thanks,
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the fedora is probably the most widely used, but it can look either really good, or absolutely dogshit horrible, depending on what you look like and your style.

When wearing dress clothes, I do not wear a hat.

I have a strawish fedora for some casual outfits, but I don't wear it often.

For casual wear, its hard to be a well worn bball cap.
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Trilby made from woven paper or reed, like a small-brimmed Panama. Or a beige flat cap made of thin cotton.
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A Panama hat is classic and versatile (you could wear it casually or with suit and tie). And the brim is wide enough to provide effective protection from the sun.
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@Quad I'm not going to be wearing hats to really formal pleasure so when i say dress shirt pant and shoe I just mean this is what I will be wearing just around the place...we could throw in polos here and there but I'm trying to improve so a dress shirt will be part of my everyday wear casually now...even in summer I guess which seems to be how to dress better.  I used to wear fedoras but I had comments that it made me look like a singer or some fruity guy so I stopped...I have a fairly kid looking face so it doesn't really fit I guess. For what I look like...pretty much an african american around 20 years old and extremely 5'7 or so...don't really look my age which doesn't help in this gentleman transition.


@becnal Thanks...I should have asked people to include some pictures because I've never heard of those hats before...and if I google them I won't know which people are rocking them well and which people are disgracing the hat.


@sonny Kind of going along with becnal...I don't really know what those look like but I will try and google.


For future posts maybe if some of you have time...could you possibly link a picture or so of who is "wearing the hat properly" just so I don't get a case of trying to replicate the wrong way of wearing the hat in summer if I like a certain style. Thanks.

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Thanks the hats do look all quite similar I'm surprised haha...i would never have guessed...which I know is especially true because the image of the Trilby hat is what I had been thinking was a fedora all this wonder people thought I looked fruity with a striped grey one of those haha. I since googled fedora vs trilby and realized I don't even own a fedora...those other 3 or 4 hats I have make me a fraud. Definitely curious to see more styles now. Thank you guys.

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Hello! I would definitely suggest trying out a panama hat. Keep in mind that not all panama hats are made in the same exact shape, I have seen panama hats look too close to a cowboy hat. The best thing I think you can probably do is go into a hat shop, or a store that sells many different kinds of hats and try them on. See how they fit your head and your face. Make sure you feel comfortable in it and that you will wear it again. It really is the best way to do it. You never know how you will like something until you try it on! Hope this helps! Cheers. :)

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