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Looking for Watch for Interview on Short Notice

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Hello all,


Posted a few months ago looking for help in building a business wardrobe, and found the replies immensely helpful. Fast forward to now, and I'm preparing for an interview for (hopefully) a first promotion. Anyways, in building my wardrobe, I pretty much stuck to brown leather, including shoes, belt, and watch strap.


Now that I have an interview, I understand black shoes are a bit more formal, so I think I'll go ahead and purchase a pair of AE Park Ave's. As a result, I'll be looking to match the black shoes with a black belt and a black leather watch. The issue, however, is the interview is Tuesday, so I'm not sure I have sufficient time to order much online.


The watch I currently have is the below Parnis, which I very much like:


So my question is, would you guys have any recommendations for a similarly-styled, black leather strap watch for under $300? I'm in the Chicagoland area, if it matters.


Thanks in advance for any help you guys may be able to provide!

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Why not buy a set of black leather strap and call it a day?

And if you insist on buying off brand uber low cost HK/Chinese watches that uses Seagull caliber, just stick to Seagull 1963 or anything that uses ST2130.
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matching watch strap to shoes and belt for an interview?

my god what have we become
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why not just skip the watch.

What watch you wear should be the absolute last thing you're thinking about before an interview.
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I'd go with Tissot personally.

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Short term solution, buy a black leather strap for your current watch. Immediate solution, minimum expense.
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Best solution by far is not wearing a watch. Personally I never wear a watch. I have that Parnis though, it's an attractive watch IMHO.
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If you only want it for an interview, skip the watch or borrow one from a friend. 

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Long term though, why not think about getting a black leather strapped watch which is different from your current one so you can mix up the looks? May I suggest a tank model that would also look great as a formal watch when dressed in evening wear? A Cartier would break the bank, but there are many similarly-styled models as well, such as Seiko.

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Brave man posting a Parnis here - homage watches of any kind bring out the frothing-at-the-mouth haters in short order.  Here. let me help you absorb some of the flack:



You do know that you could simply buy a black strap for your existing watch and swap as needed?


For a new piece, consider the Tissot Visodate and Hamilton Valiant.

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Easiest solution is not to wear a watch. Second best solution is to not care if your watch matches your shoes and belt. Not matching your watch is way less of an issue than having blatantly mismatched shoes and belt. Third best solution is to just buy a black leather strap as others have suggested. Buying another watch just to wear to an interview because its band matches the slightly more formal black shoes and belt you'll be wearing is just silly.
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