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New Suit: Peak v. Notch Lapel

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I am looking to upgrade my professional clothing to a bit higher standards, so I am looking to buy a new suit. I would like the suit to be something versatile, something I can wear to a wedding or to a business function. I currently have my eyes on a couple suits at a friends upscale boutique store, but they both have peak lapels (and single breasted, 2 button). Id like some guidance as to whether the peak lapel is versatile enough for what i am looking for or if i should stick with a notch lapel? Thanks

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Peak lapels belong on DB suits, IMO.

Stick with the notch as it is more versatile.

Now if you had a dozen suits and wanted something different that's different, but even then I would go DB.
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If you want versatility, then a notched lapel is probably your best bet. Peaked lapels are good for a statement or for certain body shapes, but wearing them too often dulls their effect, in my opinion. They are not appropriate for every situation, either.
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I prefer peak lapels in general. But they're not for everyone.
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Notch lapels are more versatile than peak lapels. Solid colors are more versatile as well and more appropriate in non-business settings than pinstripes. The two most versatile suits you can own are a navy SB notch lapel and a dark grey SB notch lapel IMO. Single breasted two button suits are great.

That said, the truth is many people are not going to notice peak vs. notch lapels. If you really love peak lapels and want to make them a personal statement, you can do it. If you're going for maximum versatility and don't have a particular love of peak lapels, I'd go for notch lapels.
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I personally love peak lapel jackets / coats, but the problem is that the jackets with beautifully shaped peak lapel are hard to come by...
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notch lapel is more versitle ....thats a no brainer

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Thanks for the responses everyone I think the answer is clear.

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