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Bulgari Assets Seized by Italian Tax Authorities


Approximately $60 million in assets, including real estate, corporate investments and executive life insurance policies, have been seized by Italian tax authorities as part of an investigation into Buglari’s earning reports. The Italian authorities allege that since 2006 Bulgari has falsified earning reports and created fictitious companies to avoid paying some $4 billion in taxes. 


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All About Hair


As much as StyleForum loves to talk about clothes, hair care is probably just as aesthetically important as clothing choices, and this thread attempts to provide a primer and a discussion place for hair styling with a streetwear twist. If you’ve ever wondered how to get that perfect comb over this thread is for you. No gelled, spiked hair allowed.


Menswear Reading

With the rise of blogs there’s been an upsurge in excellent menswear publications, including books. This thread is a catalogue of some of the best fashion books published – from blog byproducts to fashion tomes. Hint: Margiela books are always awesome. 


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