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I'll be In SF from Seattle for a week and I need some community input.
I've never been and have no idea of the layout. What are the different main districts/subsets and how are they seperated? From what I imagine my trip would be to travel via public transit to 1 or 2 main districts a day and thoroughly explore them for the whole day by foot (i'm pretty big on walking). Is this a reasonable plan of action?


1. Shopping: I'm looking for shops that carry brands like visvim, engineered garments, band of outsiders, Comme des garcons, APC, gitman etc of the sort


As of now I know Self Edge, Union Made, Acrimony, Uniqlo 

2. Site seeing :

What to see? I really dont know much more than the golden gate bridge unfortunately :(

Graffiti spots, board walks, beaches, museums, famers market, other photo locations 

3. FOOD!
I've heard food carts are where its at, but a mix of food cart and restaurant suggestions are always appreciated
PIZZA, sushi, korean food, mexican food, chinese food, burgers, and any thing after that especially things SF claims to be THE city for.


Thanks for your help in advance everyone.