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The full Lattanzi catalogue (Flash-thingy)
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For some prime "clothes Porn" check out the movies on they now show shoulders being constructed, buttonholes being punched then stitched, etc., all under the 'production' tab.
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Hi guys, Do you know any sites that focus more on casual clothing? It seems most of these links are "suit and tie- stuff". I'm looking for something cool to wear on the street, on dates or at school. I think is a good site for men. Thanks..
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For Vintage Retro Sports Wear you should all check out: I am the owner, and I specialise in: Vintage T Shirts Vintage Adidas, Puma & Nike Football & Cycling Jerseys & Loads more cool stuff.. MORE interesting than internet porn.. lol
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I was hoping this great group would have discovered my website ........ please drop by and send me an email when you visit........ I have been in the Better Men's Clothing business for 35+ years.....and online for 8+ Dennis Dann Dann Men's Clothing
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My tailor in Savile Row (always wanted to say that&#33 : John
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Looks like you all have the web pretty well covered, thanks. I thought I might add They do a good line in the very traditional. Great catalogue, too. Chris
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I am unpinning this topic as well as it's now linked into the Best posts topic.
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This thread has been a great resource. It's heavy on traditional clothing, though, and I am on the hunt for some internet stores that sell more modern/casual/street style than, say, Ben Silver. I know some of these more specialty oriented shops deal in clothing at a volume/price that is impractical to sell over the web, and some don't have the operational capacity to run significant web operations, but I'm sure some of them do. A stateside guy outside of NY/LA, like me, doesn't have an easy time finding good niche fashion retailers, with good men's selections of PD&C, apc, etc. etc. Anyone have good online sources for this kind of thing (that they wouldn't mind sharing)? If this information is simply in another thread, kindly direct me to it. Help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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how about
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That's the ticket, thanks. Anyone else?
post #57 of 71 sometimes has some stuff too. ebay may be your best bet though.
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For A.P.C., Easy. For more casual clothing (beware, as well as good basics, these sites sell a lot of crap): - same as below. - good for basics. Stay away from the clubby crap though. - some things are cool, some not so much - one of the better chain boutiques - a very visually compelling site, imo - nice selection of Nice Collective, but there is a lot of overly trendy, crappily made stuff here, imo - quirky, lots of unknowns. They are offering a 20% discount to voters (must show stub) if Kerry wins. - The fact that some of the best Wrangler 47 pieces are completely sold out (like the brushed brown twill sportsjacket that I got as a birthday present) boosts my ego as a trendspotter. The Wrangler line is *not* the same line as that sold at Urban Outfitters. It is much more distinctive/minimalist-Western, if that makes any sense. - small selection, but always cool. The shirts and the blazer are phenomenal. - good selection of Junya Watanabe, Margiela, Rogan, not found elsewhere online. Very fast shipping. - by far the best of all the designer (and other brands) discount websites. Go crazy. Try some brand you've never heard of. It's fun. - online outpost of a L.A. store. The Lisa Kline self label shirts have a nice cut (at least those I've seen. Haven't been back for a while.) Surprisingly, more expensive than the other brands they carry. What gives? - only good for denim, but good if you like their (increasingly small) selection and like to buy in bulk. - if you want to hang with ernest's homeys. - good if you are a Japanese labelwhore (they have Paul Smith, Y-3, etc...) I'll add as I think of more. A.P.C., Wrangler 47, and aloharag are probably my favorites (non-discount), though I greatly prefer brick and mortar stores.
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Alright. Question answered. Very thorough, LA Guy, sincere thanks.
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BTW, if they are casual pants, why do they have suspender buttons?
Good question - I was wondering that myself. I have no idea.
Braces do not make a pair of trousers dressy.  Most pants were held up by braces until around 1893.   Look at old photos of workers on a job site and you'll see lots of braces holding up pants. Andy
Speaking of Braces, Belts and Accessories, does anyone know anything about the Crookhorn belts and accessories line, I found a site with a product line we are considering and they have braces and other accessories...they have belts, braces, and expensive nice socks....input please. Crookhorn Dress Accessories
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