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I just found one more web site. It looks good to me. What do you think about it?
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I just found one more web site. It looks good to me. What do you think about it?
I think it has falsely inflated prices.
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Why do you think so? The prices almost the same to, but the quality of pictures much better. I'm thinking to buy from them Zanneti suit. I bought it before from one store it is very nice suit.
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To add yet another site. Barba's this time: Barba Napoli MtB
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Dimon - I am not familiar with Zanetti so I can't comment on the price, where do they sell in stores?
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Zanetti makes fused-front suits of not particularly great quality. The styling you can judge for yourself.
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Sometime ago someone asked about platform shoes/boots to increase their height. My thought was ugh, I remember both as a teen. But anyway I came across the following site doing a reference question for a faculty member and thought that others would be interested Bob in Guam
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Kiton's web site looks vastly different from what it looked like just a couple of months ago. There are videos of the production of their suits, shirts and ties. Quite interesting.
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Most of the good ones have been covered. Here is a site for designer shoes. Here are two great sites for great cowboy boots. Here is a site showing lines of English and italian shoes.,10
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Hey marc37, those Prada bootlets you use in your signature are now on sale here in the Netherlands . But don't buy them, they are a nasty piece of work (as are all Prada shoes imo), horrible leathers, poor workmanship, naff design.
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I posted this on the thread, but i figured it belongs here too. Other great sites i have come across which i think you guys might like: The Foppish Dandy Galleries > a bit of silliness The Chap Magazine >a bit of satire 21st Century Dandy >a bit of style (on the lower left hand side, click on the micro-site) Let me know what you think. Enjoy. Ignacio
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Some links to the Row: Kilgour French Stanbury Huntsman Henry Poole Gieves and Hawkes Richard James Dege & Skinner Ede and Ravenscroft Chester Barrie Hope they're of interest. I enjoyed tooling around, but haven't really checked out the last two. Regards, Huntsman
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My first post. In the Netherlands - By far the best shoemaker of the Netherlands (apparently better than Lobb) Have had a tour in his (small&#33 workplace for over 3 hours, very fanatic guy, Mischa Bergshoeff. Shell cordovan full brogues: 35 hours of handwork (all by Mischa himself) for 1600 EUR (rather cheap per hour) - - check my discussions at (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (all in Dutch)
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