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HOF: Men's fashion web sites

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I was looking at the men's fashion folder in my bookmark manager, and I thought that it could prove useful to others to have a list of various men's fashion web sites. I copied my folder into this post. This is hardly an all inclusive list. For instance, there are no Savile Row tailors here. It would be great to hear from fellow members on what fashion sites they peruse.

Style Forum www.styleforum.net/
Ask Andy www.askandyaboutclothes.com/
J. Amesbury www.amesbury.co.uk/bespoke/en/index.html
Barbour www.barbour.com/
Berluti www.berluti.com
Bvlgari www.bulgari.com/index.asp
Luigi Borrelli www.luigiborrelli.com/
Domenico Caraceni www.campagna.it/campagnadocs/company.html
George Cleverley www.gjcleverley.co.uk/intro.htm
Martin Dingman www.martindingman.com/
Edward Green www.edwardgreen.co.uk/
Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons www.customshirt1.com
Kiton www.kiton.it/en/flash/index_f.asp
Silvano Lattanzi www.zintala.it/
Liverano & Liverano www.liverano.com/indexen.htm
John Lobb - London www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/main/main.htm
John Lobb - Paris http://cobblers.hp.infoseek.co.jp/count004_01.htm
Longmire www.longmire.co.uk/
E. Marinella www.marinellanapoli.it/eng/
Vincent Nicolosi www.custom-tailor.net/index.htm
Oxxford www.oxxfordclothes.com/
Stefano Ricci www.stefanoricci.com/
Robert Talbott www.roberttalbott.com/Home/home.html
2K www.2ktshirts.com/indexE.tpl
Laszlo Vass www.vass-cipo.hu/english.html
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Thank you so much for sharing the sites with us cherrytree.
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This is great. I'm going to pin it, and hopefully add a few more in the next couple of days.
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You forgot the GQ Forum.  
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Selected sites from my link list: General Information/Articles: Cigar Aficionado articles - A limited index of CA articles Departures Magazine Articles - On style, clothing Men's Specialty Retail Sevices - Steve B's website Ask Andy's Fashion Forum   Modern Man Forum - Clothes starimage.com - A "˜how-to-dress' site -  it includes a very extensive index of books relating to men's clothing. Amazon Book List elegant-lifestyle.com - This site has some interesting information and link lists Classico Italia - An association of some of Italy's best International textiles dictionary Makers/Labels Castangia R. Caruso Saint Andrews Isaia Brioni Attolini - Wow.. D'Avenza Belvest Cantarelli Chester Barrie Nervesa Canali Corneliani Hickey Freeman Shirts: Finamore T&A H&K Stefanelli - Italian made-to-measure shirts, they are supposed to be very good Jantzen Tailor - Great custom shirts for cheap Stores: Wilkes Bashford Louis Boston Arnys Stanley Korshak Bergdorf Goodman Ebay Sellers: World Class Consignment - recommended ebay seller (My auctions) ebay seller weissbier - recommended ebay seller ebay seller sartoriale -recommended ebay seller ebay seller honest*goods - recommended ebay seller ebay seller kellyb33 - recommended ebay seller ebay seller discostu004 - recommended ebay seller ebay seller theworldsfinest - recommended ebay seller ebay seller sandypac - recommended ebay seller ebay seller styleguy78209 - recommended ebay seller ebay seller Sartorial Solutions - recommended ebay seller, great 7-fold ties ebay seller lt3339 - recommended ebay seller Shoes: A. Testoni Alain Madec Altan Bottier Artioli Barrett Buy R.M. Williams Boots Cobbler's site - Mr. Jun Kuwana's uncomparable shoe collection Edward Green - Pictures of Edward Green shoes E. Vogel Edward Green factory tour Souliers - French shoe-fan site, translated English shoe catalogue - An online catalogue for a number of Northampton firms - they charge a subscription fee Pediwear - The best online source for English shoes Shoes International - Another great online source for English shoes La Botte Chantilly - A French site with GREAT deals on top brands. If you wear a US size 7-7.5 or an 11.5 then check the sale page for dirt cheap StefanoBi shoes Grenson - their new website Heschung INCREDIBLE BESPOKE JAPANESE SHOES J.M. Weston Japanese shoe-fan site - harder to navigate than the cobbler's site, but there are some great pictures if you are persistent John Cornforth - bespoke shoemaker in Yorkshire New & Lingwood Riccardo Bestetti Roberto Ugolini Santoni Marc Guyot Sutor Mantellassi The cowboy boot page The Honorable Cordwainers Company Van Bommel bench-made.com - My own forum and website for collectors of high-end shoes. Coming soon.
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Andy, wow. This is a remarkable list. You've expanded my horizons greatly. The Classico Italia site is a great resource for Italian fashion URLs. I especially appreciated all of the new (to me) shoe sites. A great discovery for me was through the French shoe web sites you listed. Apparently there exists a bi-monthly French magazine called "Trepointes," which is devoted to high-end men's dress shoes. I will definitely subscribe.
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If you figure out how to get a subscription to Trepointes please let me know - I would like one as well.
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if you go to google.fr (france), there is a website but it does not seem to work (it may be down though): www.trepointes.presse.fr i did find some added information in that for subscription information on the magazine, you can email to: trepointes@mkentreprises.com if you go to www.souliers.net, (which appears to be more of a blog than a site) there are some articles from trespointes and pics from the magazine and some covers (not all that great though)
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thank you mr. harris for the info. i admit i can be a bit of a francophile sometimes. i looked at the la botte website and i like these shoes. does anyone have info on this company? what kind of construction would you expect? i wear an 8 1/2 and am tempted though i really must buy christmas presents for others first. edit: i also like a pair i saw on the heschung site. do you know if they are sold in the u.s. or of a website that carries them?
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Fratelli Rossetti is a highly respected Italian manufacturer (nothing Francophile here): http://www.rossetti.it The shoes are probably Blake stitched (although a small section of Rosetti's output is Goodyear-welted)
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Fratelli Rossetti is a highly respected Italian manufacturer (nothing Francophile here):
thank you bengal-stripe, i figured the shoes were italian. i meant that i only looked at that website "la botte" because the name was in french. btw, here is another case where i've become interested in a brand only to find that it will be difficult, if not imposssible, to find it in l.a. yet according to their website, they have their own store in new york. does every maker of everything have a store in new york? this i have to see.
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I have a few to add: Church's seconds online A comparison of british and italian tailored chlothes Men's articles at Ravistailor - some old, some new J.D. Erickson's website No garanties on the quality of those... Just something my favorites list remembered for me. B
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Anyone knows discount online retailers who carry Alden?
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J.D. Erickson's website
I'm curious - how did you find John's site?? And to the rest of you - read it. He's a good writer and has some good advice. Except for the part about not buying on ebay
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Quote J.D. Erickson's website I'm curious - how did you find John's site?? And to the rest of you - read it. He's a good writer and has some good advice. Except for the part about not buying on ebay
Yes, it's a good website, especially for beginners like me. I skimmed through it just after BjornH posted it. This is one info I found interesting: "Ralph Lauren Purple Label - Purple Label suits and sport jackets are no longer made by Chester Barrie in England, but St. Andrew's in Italy. (Ironic, no?, that the "English look" is now better done by Italians.)"
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