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Economic suit solutions

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Hello everyone I am new here and have a question.

I am in my late twenties and  until recently wore uniforms for my every day work wear. I now find myself having to ware a suite five to six days a week. I have the pleasure of owning one bespoke suit and it has served me faithfully for many years. I now have to add many more to my wardrobe and with a wife and a 2yr old bespoke is out of the question for now. 

I own two JAB suits, they work but are not great. 

My question is this.

 With regard to T M Lewin, JAB sig gold, Charles T and the like what will give the most bang for my buck.

I would like to stay with in the 4-600 dollar range and have it in the half canvassed variety.


Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.

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Please forgive me, but... "wear" a "suit". Don't ware a suite. It'll be more economical.

I'll shut up now.
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Suites are furniture upon which you sit. One wears a SUIT.

Read the many threads here on such garments you will learn more than might just appear in yet another thread about basic suits..
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...funny. I thought that suites were a set of rooms.


In that price range, if you want new suits, you can go with any of the places that you mentioned. I haven't bought a suit from JCrew, but I've heard decent reviews. You could also look into some of the online made to measure suit companies. Not everyone likes them, but I think that they're gold (compared to otr).

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My apologies, I wrote this while on lunch with my phone. I did not notice the mistake. 

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I appreciate VInnyMac's comment.

 I asked this question to get honest and direct opinions of garments in a specific price range. Leaving out the obvious superiority of higher grade and higher priced garments. 

Having never owned ,or had first had experience with TM Lewin, CT and other similarly priced garments I am interested to know if there are any particular features that would make one stand out above the rest.

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There's a post on this forum that has a hierachy of suits.  You'll find in that price range Suitsupply and eHaberdasher Benajamin Satorial line. 

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