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Guns and Leather

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Good Morning.
First post to the Forum, today. I've been looking through a lot of forums, and came across the Gun Appreciation thread.
I make leather goods, here in the NC woods, and a part of my work includes gunbelts and holsters, so I figured this might be a good place to introduce myself. I've looked through a lot in this discussion, but haven't see much holster talk, yet. I probably just haven't found them. There's so much here, it'll take me awhile to see where everything is. Not sure if this is all out of my league, but just coming in here for conversation will do me right fine.
In the meantime, I believe it's alright to just show some of my work, and see what you might think. If I'm breaking any rules, I hope someone let's me know.
Being the Style Forum, gearing up with a good leather holster and/or belt probably fits right in here. I can always use critiques, and suggestions. I'm interested in what styles and preferences people use for their hardware, and accessories. Sometimes coming to a new place opens up new worlds.

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I think that you can have a link to your store in your signature but not in the actual thread; not positive though. And in general, you'll probably have more luck with the discussion in the Gun appreciation thread than you will with its own thread. Could be wrong in this.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll learn. I've taken out the link to my site, but, I'm so new, I don't think I have access to a signature file yet. Maybe after some more comments and such.
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Just visited your website. Your designs and workmanship look good. If I were still in the magazine business, I'd like to give you some PR. Any thoughts about adding a pocket holster to your lineup of designs? I'm a big fan of pocket holsters.
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