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Peal & Co C&J Wingtip Kiltie Loafer... Thoughts?

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Hello Everyone!

I went to brooks brothers today after failing to find a good loafer at Allen Edmonds (Grayson in my normal size was a bit too long). I found the Alden made tassel loafer which was a fine fit and looked good.

However I then took a look at one of the England made Peal & Co shoes (C&J?) which is much more ornate. First of all, they felt great, super comfortable (even more so than the Aldens). I guess my issue is that I am looking for a decent allarounder (burgundy is great for that )possibly to be used as a dressed up or dressed down loafer. I know this probably doesn't 100% fit that bill, but I just really liked the look and feel of them.

Maybe I should just go more standard with the Alden tassel loafer. I guess I am just wondering what others thoughts are? Thanks in advance!!

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I like the burgundy one much more, good purchase that is.
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Any other input? I've been doing a little research and it looks like there is minimal love for this style. Perhaps I should go for a burgundy version of the Alden tassel loafer... Decisions, decisions...
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Don't buy it.
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Fringes and tassles definitely aren't my thing.

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As much as I must confess having had kiltie tassel loafers in the past, and the ones you have pictured are good examples of them, I would advise to stick with the more classic Aldens. Wingtip kiltie tassel loafers currently smack too much of the 1990's for current usage, issues of comfort aside (the OP indicated that the wingtip kilties were the best fit of the three shoes he considered).
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I'm not a fan of those feathers growing out of the vamp, but the shoes look ok.

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Thanks for the input guys. After further contemplation, I decided to go with something more versatile. I guess I'll have to leave the kiltie wingtip for another day...
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