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Ascot chang, geneva, paris, gluck, kabbaz?

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I have ordered custom shirts from Sulka, Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch & Key, Ascot Chang and several others. Some have been better than others. Ascot Chang has proven the most reliable in terms of both fit and attention to detail but I'm looking for something with a bit more of an English flair, which AC attempts to produce but can't quite replicate. Has anyone tried Geneva Custom Shirts, Paris Custom Shirt, Arthur Gluck or Alexander Kabbaz? If so, what do you think of their shirts? I am particularly interested in Geneva Custom Shirts as I've heard very good things about the place. All four are reputed to make the shirts from a paper pattern produced for each customer after his/her measurements are taken. From that paper pattern the cloth is apprently cut with a knife and the shirts are eventually sewn together on the premises. Does anyone know if this is true? Most of the Jermyn Street firms used to make things this way but have employed factories for years to produce MTM as opposed to true bespoke shirts.
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Herbie Frogg
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Herbie Frogg
Do you have any photos of Herbie Frogg shirts? Their website is extremely plain and grainy, and doesn't give much away...
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Yes, please show us pictures of their shirts, the web site is severely lacking in detail. Jon.
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Will do so tomorrow, at home.
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Thanks for the response but I'm looking for someone located in NYC. I may stick with Ascot Chang as they have been consistently good with fit, quality, pattern matching, etc. I just had wanted to find someone who could make some "English" styled shirts with a bit more flair than Ascot has done for me.
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I completely forgot about this thread... Kalra, did you manage any pictures of Froggs in their natural habitat?
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Absolutely stay away from Gluck. I was not impressed by what I saw of Paris Shirtmakers' product.
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